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Randy Hutchens

2 years ago

My wife and I went there today for a nice barbecue lunch all of our food was cold and the pork looked kind of funny my wife sent it back the first pork that came out was white and cold. The service was good the barbecue beans were good the french fries were good. My beef brisket sandwich was chuck full of fat. I spent several minutes trimming the fat. Not a pretty sight. I was really disappointed in our Sunday after church meal Im not sure Ill ever go there again. Where is the quality control?


JR NatureLover

a year ago

Smelled so good when I walked through the door. It was not a hectic lunch time, so I could sit wherever I wanted and that was great with me. On the table was a little "text now to get this" promo, so I did. Very good redneck egg rolls, fried to be very crunchy very hot when brought to the table. Filled with yummy BBQ, coleslaw and spices and free! ( if it's free, it's for me!!) ;) I ordered a pulled pork barbecue sandwich and ask the waitress to add a little dab of coleslaw on the top. She smilingly said she would make sure that I got exactly what I wanted and she did not disappoint. Sadly, what did disappoint was the flavor. Even though the sandwich looked beautiful, it cried for more flavor. I added one of the sauces that was already provided on the table and that helped, but it still was lacking. An ice cold mug of Light beer helped me to wash it down and I actually wound up getting a to go box to take the rest of the sandwich home with me. On the other hand the salad bar looked tempting, but hey, I was in a barbecue restaurant!


Joanna Jessup

a year ago

Very friendly and polite. Fast service, great food and never had to ask for a refill. My friend ordered all you can eat and the server even brought the side items without him having to wait for refills.


Frances B

3 years ago

The family BBQ meal is great! So much delicious food. We fed 4 adults and 2 children and still had left overs


Kristen K

a year ago

Asia, our server, made our first experience at Sonnys exceptional! She was very professional, prompt, and made us feel welcome. Best customer service weve had in a restaurant in a long time. Food was great also. Will definitely be back!