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Margaret Conti

a month ago

Got 2 sandwiches- meatball and pesto. They were subpar, nothing special. Meatballs were hard and not fresh and i couldve made a better pesto sandwich at home. Came with Cheetos as a side. Will not be ordering from here again


Donny Shuler

2 months ago

We order food from Lunchbox weekly due to living within walking distance. The sandwiches are pretty good, but I dont feel worth the price. I typically order the French dip with potato salad which is over $14 including 15% tip. Each time, I feel ripped off. I will include a photo of the potato salad w a teaspoon in the cup to demonstrate how stingy Lunchbox is w their servings. Keep in mind, I havent eaten anything.from that cup this is the amount served every single time.


Will Kirkland

5 months ago

I come here every couple of weeks because I live close by and can walk here. The convenience is quickly becoming not worth the hassle of my orders never being right. Food tastes pretty good when they manage to make the sandwich I ask for. Lately they have been adding the wrong ingredients to sandwiches or simply creating the completely wrong sandwich. More frustrating is they are never busy enough to explain how it can be so wrong. If I am the only person at the store at 3pm please take the extra 10 seconds to make sure you are creating the correct orders. Also, if all sandwiches come as a combo please explain the choices instead of just putting 3 day old pasta salad in the box.


Juan C

4 months ago

You can get a decent sandwich from this place but it's so poorly run that we are done giving it chances. 90% of the time they don't have several menu items entirely, despite the menu not being very big, or they will be out of an ingredient so you can't get what you want. The guys making the sandwiches are always pretty slow and seem high. The bread and quality of ingredients varies wildly. My last sandwich did not have fresh bread. It is entirely hit or miss and not worth the risk on a 12 dollar sandwich. If you ever get the pasta/macaroni salad, its the size of a quarter. Had potential but entirely mismanaged.


Taylor Fallin

3 months ago

The service was phenomenal. Super friendly people that delivered quick service. We ordered a CLT and it did not disappoint.

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