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Christopher Torres

a week ago

Not going to lie, this place was fantastic during the first 3 months of its existence. Since then, it has gone downhill dramatically. Not sure what happened, but orders are always wrong, half the menu is never available due to lack of ingredients, and sides are almost always missing. Its unfortunate.


Will Kirkland

9 months ago

I come here every couple of weeks because I live close by and can walk here. The convenience is quickly becoming not worth the hassle of my orders never being right. Food tastes pretty good when they manage to make the sandwich I ask for. Lately they have been adding the wrong ingredients to sandwiches or simply creating the completely wrong sandwich. More frustrating is they are never busy enough to explain how it can be so wrong. If I am the only person at the store at 3pm please take the extra 10 seconds to make sure you are creating the correct orders. Also, if all sandwiches come as a combo please explain the choices instead of just putting 3 day old pasta salad in the box.


Dan Mainous

2 months ago

An embarrassment of a sandwich at any price. I wanted to like this spot being in the neighborhood, but the food was even worse than the bad service.


Melissa Remer

2 months ago

Was so excited for a new place in plaza but reached the limit on chances. Sandwiches have so much potential but doesnt seem like anyone cares. Went to pick up the other day, absolutely no one to be found door was open. Called multiple times and no answer, everythings just out in the open. Finally someone came over from the place next door and began making the sandwich . Was very weird, when we got home food was ok but also never got our chips or salad.


Margaret Conti

5 months ago

Got 2 sandwiches- meatball and pesto. They were subpar, nothing special. Meatballs were hard and not fresh and i couldve made a better pesto sandwich at home. Came with Cheetos as a side. Will not be ordering from here again

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