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Graham Bingham

a week ago

I've been here several times and generally like it. This time I ordered a burrito "chimichanga" style, meaning deep fried. The result, like their tortilla chips, was hit and kiss. More time was maybe required. That said, it tasted great, just could have been crispier. The drinks are good, and really, you are going to have a great time here.


Alicia Goldsby

4 months ago

Such a cute spot for lunch with the best views & outside seating at the Epicenter. Yummy frozen margaritas and the salsa should be bottled and sold - YUM! Seriously can I buy that salsa somewhere. The hostess and server were friendly and prompt. I would give 5 stars but Vida Cantina at the Epicenter doesn't validate for parking. Not even for your lunch crowd? I always tip 20% so it's not a question of that. But I would've stayed longer and left cash on the table on top of that but I had to pay for parking.



a week ago

I give 1 stars because the food was pretty tasty. However the service was painfully obviously selective. After it was clear the server did not think I could afford a small up charge for a tuna taco I remained patient with my approach and politely expressed my willingness to pay the upcharge for the meal I selected. The food was delivered, however missing simple items like sour cream and more chips for the delicious salsa that I requested, no biggie, after waiting 5 minutes without any server in site I finally looked back at the hosts stand and asked someone to get the items. We enjoyed our meal, while the restaurant started to fill with folks that didnt have the same hue as us. Our plates empty we watched tables surrounding us finish their meal and the servers quickly removed their plates and promptly brought their checks. Our table seemed to have a force field surrounding it that prevented them from coming closer. We sat for 22 minutes (this is when I decided to start timing so it was longer) unitrested in our plates with drinks on low. I tried to make eye contact with any one that would engaged. We were being ignored. For no obvious reason other than well perhaps the tone of our skin. Finally a lady came and offered to remove my plate, my companion asked for a box and the check. 8 minutes go by still nothing. Shes very attentive to other tables, we noticed she went to the back twice and returned with items for the other tables. so I get her attention again, perhaps she forgot to grab a box. I politely remind her, she snaps back and says I have to go back there to get it. Well yea we figured that. Obviously annoyed she goes to tell another server to send us the box. I assumed she didnt want to engage with us further. The check and our box finally arrive. Only took about 35 minutes after wed finished our meal. Ive worked in the service industry and Im aware of the assumption of how folks tip based on outer appearance. However Ive found if a person is bad tipper they come in many hues. However they did not assume we deserved the same attention that was provided to the other customers. Im an excellent tipper leaving an average of 30-50% for good service, and more for excellent service. Although the service was terrible I didnt want to perpetuate their assumptions nor the energy they were attracting. So I still left a 20% tip and decided Id leave this note. Its 2018. Stop preventing progress with simple minded assumptions and actions. Youre stopping the progress of this world with a simple meal. Every customer should feel welcome and every customer should receive the same service. It takes a lot more energy to pick and chose based on hue.


Bianca Taylor

a week ago

Very good for my first time. Definitely coming back.


Matthew Goldman

3 months ago

Tacos Al Pastor were phenomenal. Chips and salsa are free. Great atmosphere, reasonably priced. It's not on the menu, but you can mix and match tacos!