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spring moment

a week ago

Well where do I start!!! I walked in here with my daughter and her friend and I always look for the health code rating. 94.5 not to good for me thats close to a B for sanitation. The young lady at the front was sweet, but I could not eat here because of the grade. Well my daughter and her friend did they orders the lobster Mac with an add on of crab meat and her friend order truffle fries. My daughter said the mac and cheese was dry without the sauce and it was overly salty. I tasted the sauce and it was extremely salty. I have to agree to that. My mouth dried out from that. The truffle fries were salty as well. I tasted that sauce too. Its not fair to do a review and not at least taste the food. The fries, I know I saw in the reviews that they were fresh cut. THATS A LIE!!! Those fries are frozen I know what fresh fries look like and those are definitely frozen. I know when the owner has commented on other reviews when they said they were frozen as well, the owner said they were fresh cut daily. Again those are frozen bagged fries that came in off a truck. Let me tell you something when you come here you will see the fries sitting in a tube by the fryer. #1. Fresh fries have to sit in water until they are ready to fry. Those fries where not sitting in water at all. So the owner can not lie about that. #2. Frozen fries cook up faster than fresh fries.



2 weeks ago

Absolutely the most delicious meal I've eaten in a very long time!!! This was my first time going & I will definitely become a regular. Loved the atmosphere and the staff was extremely friendly! They were very helpful with guiding us through the menu making delicious recommendations. Let me tell you, I was not disappointed with the selections. Look at the below photos and you'll understand why my belly thanked me.


A. McC

5 months ago

I knew the food was good as Ive been following the food truck around for a while. Took out of town guests to the brick and mortar today and WOW. First, the professionalism and care we received from every single staff member was amazing. Courteous, answered all of the questions, patient, and KIND! The individual who is responsible for milkshakes knocks it out of the park! He was so kind to check on us and bring us boxes despite how busy they were. On top of all of this, the place was immaculately clean - I saw a staff member sanitizing every single table in the place as soon as others were finished, the restrooms were clean and well kept, all while they had twenty people in line out the door. Cannot recommend this place enough!


Jessica Vickers

2 months ago

Just check it out! Love the artwork/music. The folks that run this establishment are some lovely folk. The chicken strips are homemade with a little kick. The cheese sauce I was told was made in house it is so good. Yummy! Will definitely be in my regular rotation. Thank you all for being so welcoming and providing great customer service its so rare these days.


Jennifer King

in the last week

This was my first visit here and hands down, the greatest place around. Staff wonderful!! The young lady that took my order could not of been nicer or cuter. The story of the guys that own this is a wonderful heartwarming story!! Hats off to you guys and I wish you the best of luck!!! I'll for sure be back, multiple times!! Thank you again Jennifer King

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