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a week ago

I ordered online but failed to notice the daily closing time. I managed to get there just a few minutes before closing and found an easy walk-up window to pick up my dozen. My order got missed by the staff as it was kinda close to closing time. But the staff was happy to fix me up with a delicious dozen. I have missed these yummy donuts since they closed the temp shop in downtown Monroe. But now that I know where the Matthews shop is, I'll be back


Fariah Amber

3 months ago

We were heading to a friend's place with food and I couldn't really show up without dessert right? So I looked up places around and this was one. I was smitten after I saw the pics! Anyway we got there and I almost cried when I saw the sign on the door that said ' sold out '. Thankfully they were open and had most stuff. We selected a 6 of them and the lady was nice enough to fill the box with 3 more at no extra charge since it was closing time! ALL of them were delicious! Especially the lemon cream cheese and cinnamon sugar cream cheese!!! Oh my! I'm salivating thinking about them! They have some flavors that rotate every week and the lemon cream cheese was one of them!


Downie Winkler

2 weeks ago

Best donuts in town! Only wish they had vegan choices, more often, but my taste buds are always happy with what I get.


abbey mrkus

5 months ago

Ive been going here for donuts for the past year and I love it. When they started a partnership with local businesses to do grocery pickups in light of COVID, I was all about it. The items were definitely very expensive, but I wanted to support local businesses. Unfortunately, I had a negative experience today. I ordered my items on Wednesday for a Saturday morning pickup. After pick up, I discovered one of the items we ordered was wrong. I called to let them know, and they told me they would process a refund but that I needed to bring back the wrong item (a spinach breakfast casserole). On my way back (mind you I had to return to the store due to their mistake) they called me a second time to make sure i was bringing back the wrong item before they would give me a refund. Even better, it turns out they never had what I ordered in the first place. Must be they were hoping I would not notice? Anyways, when I got to the store, I told the woman working that I was disappointed by the multiple calls and the mistake, but the woman just told me they were very busy and that I would get a refund. I think she was trying to be nice but she just seemed annoyed that I was even bothering her with it. Most disturbing however, is that I think they intended to re-sell the casserole they pushed me to bring back - which my understanding is in violation of certain food service and health codes. I dont know for sure, but why call Me twice to make sure I was definitely bringing it back? Just really weird and completely uncharacteristic of my prior experiences. I really love the owner, and had always had an amazing experience before this. Just sad this happened.


Creative Share

a year ago

Trendy and delicious!!! Fresh donuts, aromatic coffee, comfortable seating areas in the heart of Matthews next to one of our favorite comic book stores 'Pennyworth's Comics.' The salted caramel donut is one of my favorites.