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Zuzu Madanat

3 months ago

Way too expensive and not very good. I was honestly shocked when she told me the price, but since I had already handled the donut I felt obligated to purchase it. One of their donuts is the price of a half dozen at Dunkin or 3-4 at Duck Donuts. It doesn't make sense at all. I have heard that they have outlandish flavors, but you can get something like that custom-made at Duck Donuts for one third the price. As you can tell I really love donuts and Duck Donuts especially, but I wanted to try others since I'm new to Charlotte and where I come from we didn't have any locally owned donut shops, but this is too expensive and leaves your with regret


Britanie Blackhurst

5 months ago

The donuts are great if you can get one. If you order online in advance sometimes they wont call you to let you know so you will waste your time driving down to the store to find out they are out of them. That has happened to me several times and I have two different solution ideas for the owner: 1. Make more specialty donuts because you run out every sat and sun. 2. Shopify allows you to update inventory and say if you are out of a product for that evening but available the next day so that way your customers dont waste their time.


Tameka Michelle

6 months ago

I have been following their page on Instagram for a while now and finally made some time to check them out. They always post tasty looking donuts and I tried them out on my cheat day. I arrived about 1:40 pm on a Saturday 20 minutes before closing. I wish I could of made it sooner. They only had the honey lemon left and it was surprisingly delicious. I was going for a vanilla bean I saw on their regular menu. But the honey lemon was really good and the donut itself had a wonderful texture when I bit into it. I would of given 5 stars but the customer service was lacking a little. I was at the window waiting for a while before I was acknowledged. They are cashless so be prepared. Their donuts are good and you should check them out.


Terry Campbell

9 months ago

Good donut, it was very cold otherwise would be 5 stars. Think maybe refrigerated? Not sure its worth 4 bucks, but you could tell it was made with quality ingredients. Square donuts with no hole is different, enjoyed it.


Joli Moffitt

6 months ago

2nd time there...1st time nothing great and overpriced for the lack of quality...2nd time only had 2 donut flavors and require you to wear a mask... OUTSIDE (was pouring rain)... I get it if you're indoors or in close proximity but this is ridiculous I'm trying to give you my money and you require me to wear a mask outside in the pouring rain nope no thank you

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