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Harrison Martin

a month ago

Great big fluffy square donuts! Many delicious flavors to choose from. Neat little location.


Jacob Aulner

2 months ago

Never stand in line at Duck Donuts again!! Your Moms Donuts are WAY better in quality and taste. The walk up corner store is super fast and friendly. Grab a dozen for the fam, theyll love em!


Kerry Provance

3 months ago

I was on my way to Blackhawk Hardware when I noticed the old "Keys" building had been transformed into a donut shop called "Your Mom's Donuts". I decided to get one on my way out to take home and try. When I came out, the shop was closed. "Be Back In 5 Minutes". (bathroom break). I was disappointed and got into my car. But, the proprietor just came back so I got out and went to the window. The very nice lady served me my choice, at no charge! (it was 1245pm) I said I would be glad to pay but she insisted I try it and would not take a payment. I told her thank you very much and walked away with a big smile. I asked her if theirs were as good as "Ducks" but she couldn't say as she had not tried theirs. An honest answer. Well, I got home and split it in two for me and my wife. I chose the Cinnamon Sugar donut which had a zig-zaggy line of cream cheese on it.. And it was delicious! My wife said it was very fluffy. It was indeed and it tasted very fresh, not greasy. So, we have found a great donut spot close to home. I recommend this business as they do make an excellent cinnamon donut. We'll try other flavors in the coming days. I think the service and product is worthy of 5 stars! Great quality overall.



a month ago

Interesting donut stand in the middle of the parking lot selling square donuts.


Britanie Blackhurst

9 months ago

The donuts are great if you can get one. If you order online in advance sometimes they wont call you to let you know so you will waste your time driving down to the store to find out they are out of them. That has happened to me several times and I have two different solution ideas for the owner: 1. Make more specialty donuts because you run out every sat and sun. 2. Shopify allows you to update inventory and say if you are out of a product for that evening but available the next day so that way your customers dont waste their time.

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