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Leandra Perri

9 months ago

This place was amazing! They have a pretty large selection of Italian staples and treats in the market side, but the kitchen side was so good. Their food was reasonably priced and was so flavorful. The meatballs were delicious. We also had the truffle garlic bread, butcher sandwich, and Emilia salad. The dessert case was great too. Top for real Italian anything in Charlotte so far.


San Sql04

a year ago

I wish I had given zero stars to this place. I happen to order this Contadino Sandwich which was served with side salad. First of all the sandwich was cold not even Luke warm. Secondly the side salad that came with this dish was a joke it was a pasta in a small cup like a dipping sauce cup. When I asked the lady cashier about this she didn't give a proper reply which I felt a bit awkward. If your charging $ 10 for a sandwich it should be of a very top quality it looked completely bland to me flavorless. To to the owner/operator with regards to your response I don't want to reconsider it. I would have reconsidered it if I would have received a convincing reply where you have replied to other people's review in an apologetic manner but coming to me you were a bit partial which is clearly evident. First of all I was never late I have arrived at the same time when I got the notification when it said the food was ready for pick up. Secondly I was referring to the portion size of the pasta side i.e. I am basically comparing the size with a small cup. I never mentioned that I haven't received any Olive oil or some sort of that. Lastly I have even mentioned that the sandwich that had the pesto sauce was a bit bland flavourless to which you never had an answer Thank you so much.


Jody A. Smith

11 months ago

"Hold my beer and watch this" is what this felt like. My wife wanted pasta and we were torn between Zia Pia and some other local restaurants. We waited forever for anyone to even acknowledge us then it was a "be right with you" with zero intention of such. After we ordered we went next door for a glass of wine to pair with our Zia Pia. we were pretty much done with ordering our wine, found seats, and drank about 3/4's of our wine before our food was ready. When we received our food it was mediocre at best. We were really disappointed as nothing seemed fresh or presented like anyone really cared; just thrown on a plate. Every touch point seemed to be flawed, tremendously. I'd try it again but I'm not rushing back...


Peter Barr

a year ago

Authentic Italian. I cannot wait to go back and try other dishes. I had a delicious meatball grinder and the bread was perfect, crispy on the outside, soft and delicious on the inside. They have imported olives that are meaty and taste like Italy. You should go. Today. Dont wait.


Heather Peer

a year ago

Best Italian Food in Charlotte, hands down! Whether you are looking to stop in and enjoy a nice, authentic meal or if youd rather purchase some fresh, imported ingredients to take home, this place has it all!! Watching everyone work in the open kitchen makes you feel as though you are sitting in a bistro in Italy! I will definitely be back!