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Genna Hickey

8 months ago

If I could give this company zero stars I would. This company was chartered for a school field trip (not a cheap gig). Busses arrived and we started on our 20 minute ride, not even 10 minutes into our trip and we pull over because the bus is not "safe to continue". Mind you, we have 60 kids on this bus! This trip was booked over two months ago! We have 60 kids sitting on a bus for over an hour waiting for another bus to pick us up!


Mark Smith

12 months ago

Just want to let this company know that I was cut off multiple times by one of their drivers at 930 this morning heading into the airport for departures. They couldn't decide what lane they needed to be in and squeezed in between my vehicle and the one in front of me multiple times. I honked because I had to brake and they just honked back like I was in the wrong. So just a head's up, there's no way I'd support a company with such inconsiderate drivers and I'll be sure to share the experience when I know someone that's looking for a driver. Cheers


Todd Pelow

a year ago

Have used Rose for years. They, historically, have offered great service and have been reliable. My recent trip to Charlotte proved all of that to be wrong. Driver meets U.S. At baggage claim - first thing he says is - "I have to go to the bathroom." Understood - we all have to go. As I retrieve my own luggage the drive asks if we are ready. I ask, "do you have our car seat?" He replies no. It says it right on the reservation. Infant car seat. He then suggests to just put the baby on our lap. Not thinking that was a good idea - I call Rose dispatch to try and remedy the problem while the driver stands looking at me doing nothing. Dispatch is basically not helpful - hangs up on me - then won't take my calls when I call back. My name pops up when I call - so they avoid my call to deal with the problem. I take Uber instead - they have a car seat at the ready. I then email one of the supervisor - gets to the president who responds to me next day. Offers a free ride back to airport to compensate. I thought that was great and accept. They show up to pick me and my family up.......no car seat. I let them know right away - still have not heard back. I took Uber.


Steve Qua

3 years ago

Absolutely spectacular! My Chauffeur was quiet when I first got in but when I started talking we had a great chat. The car was clean as a whistle, my luggage was carried, my door was opened and I arrived safely.



a year ago

Your bus drivers drive in the left lane going barely the speed limit, not using the left lane for passing purposes. This causes tie ups and traffic issues within stretches of the highways.