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Jakob Knoop

a week ago

Almost all reviews here are isolated incidences. Most of all people that valet their vehicle do not think to review the company. For every bad review are many satisfied customers, and every regular location I have valeted at with Royal has been a perfectly acceptable experience.


Amanda Holcomb

3 months ago

Great valet service for our wedding! I have also used Royal Parking for events I've planned for work, and I've always been pleased with their customer service. I've never had any issues. I'm always glad when I go out to dinner and see they are handling the valet.


Bradford Picot

3 months ago

Scammers. You can not trust your vehicle with this company. Unfortunately I did not look at previous reviews before using this company on multiple occasions. I see that they have damaged other vehicles and not kept their word. Last weekend I pulled up to use valet downtown. One of their employees told me it would be $20 for him to park my vehicle in front of Ink and Ivey. I gave him $20 and he got in my car. I informed him I had my keyfob but he stated I could keep it and he would just park the car. I asked him if he was sure and he stated yes. I took him for his word and proceeded to head to a birthday party. I get back to the location 2 hours later to find out that my rental vehicle has been towed! Supposedly the valet turned the vehicle off and it held up traffic, so it was towed. I had to Uber home and also Uber to the towing company the next day to get my rental car. I tried unsuccessfully to speak with one of the managers Chad. He would not allow me to finish sharing my experience. He immediately interrupted me and started yelling that Royal Parking was not going to pay anything toward my towing expenses. I stated I was simply trying to get this resolved as the error was clearly on their part. He adamantly refused to take responsibility for where Royal Parking fell short. Do Not use this company. I had patronized them multiple times over the years and this is how they repay me. I had heard that they take joy rides in vehicles but still gave them a chance. You cannot trust their workers, management or integrity! Since sharing my experience this company has lied about the events that occurred and retaliated by attacking my business. I have never seen a company answer a review by attacking the customer's business! Instead of taking responsibility and admitting fault, this company has lied about what occurred and sought to harm my business reputation. This could have been easily resolved. Believe the other review that mention them not holding their word. I hope Ink and Ivey and other businesses reconsider using them!


Joseph Richardson

6 months ago

Company is okay. I'd rather use other valet service because these guys aren't as friendly and inviting as the other companies around the Charlotte area.


Heather Thompson

a year ago

Consider another company when hiring a valet parking service in Charlotte, NC. We had an event at The Duke Mansion and Royal Parking scratched the attendees vehicle. They did take responsibility for the damage and agreed to reimburse for car rental fees while the repairs were being made. Repair fees have been paid for, but not the company refuses to reimburse the car rental fees stating that "the work took longer than expected." Now the attendee is left holding a $600 rental car bill and no one from Royal Parking will return their calls anymore. Are you putting your investments in the right hands? Think twice before hiring this company.