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Myaila Clark

a month ago

It is a joy at Ascent, and especially when I am able to converse with the members of the concierge. Ms. Pamela, John, Tyler, and Latasha are absolutely amazing and I deeply appreciate their courtesy and outstanding services. From Ms. Pamelas warmth, Johns benevolence, Tylers charm, and Latashas professionalism. They all exceed Ascents expectations and I am so glad that they have a place in this beautiful setting I call home.


Queen K

2 weeks ago

Over the last few months the valet hired at ascent uptown has harassed me for parking legally in a handicap spot. I have a legal handicap sticker. The valet will put stickers and threatening notes on my car. I have addressed this with leasing several times and this continues to happen. The valet (Eric) said there is not sticker on my car, however leasing has confirmed there was a sticker on my car. Lawson (leasing agent) has cleaned the sticker off of my car once due to the sticker being placed in error. My car was broken into a few months back at ascent uptown my car was the only car broken into and I feel as though it could have been the valet seeing that he has some type of weird obsession with me. Earlier this week I rented a vehicle parked it in the handicap spot without a handicap sticker and he did not place any notices on that car. I placed the same handicap sticker that's in my car in my second car parked in a handicap space he did not touch that car. So I am convinced this guy is stalking and targeting me. I came down to confront him several times and before I could get out of my car he started to laugh in my face. I called leasing on this multiple times and nothing is being done. Following this complaint I will file criminal charges because this guy knows where I live and my schedule to know when I am coming and going I do not feel safe at all. There are scratches on my car that I know was not their prior to todays incident. I will also file a charges for damaging my car. I have received a nasty text message right after this transpired and I am certain this came from him. Its 2019 and you can find out anything on anyone he probably has my unit number, work address etc. I spoke to Ashley in leasing to day who is supposed to follow up with me but that has not happened so hopefully this gets resolved ASAP.


Nygel Duncan

2 months ago

I enjoy every visit i make to Ascent. I work as security and every time i come in, Jurod greets me and makes sure to alert me to any instances occurring. He makes my job easy and I really appreciate that.


Leonidas I

a week ago

I've been loving my time at Ascent... sadly that changed a few days ago. I was parking with my kids and talking to the lovely staff and valets, that I can constantly count on for great service and reliability, when an African women who identified herself as "Tequila" and "Queen K" started shouting obscenities toward the staff and in front of my young children. I was stunned, I cannot fathom to think that someone like this could live in my community... I have a sneaking suspicion that she is just a homeless person who loiters in the area because of her foul smell and crusty hair but that is beside the point. Ascent was supposed to be my families safe haven from this type of behavior but sadly it seems to be infecting the very fabric of my family's home. I hope some sort of action can be taken by management to resolve this for me and the lovely staff or else I can assure you my review will not change and my lease will not be renewed.


Jody McLaughlin

2 months ago

I have been thrilled with the service I have been provided at The Ascent. Latasha Nesbit, Director of Concierge, has been a delight to work with since I moved in. She has shown high levels of professionalism and always works with a sense of urgency. It is a great place to live and I would highly recommend this property.