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Comfort Inn Executive Park


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South Charlotte

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Samuel Owens

a month ago

This is a nice hotel, out of the way. You cross a small stream to get to it. It has a few restaurants nearby, that are within a 15 minute walking distance. Nice clean rooms, and friendly staff. The shuttle from the airport takes a bit, but it's not bad considering the distance. You have to call it in though. The driver I had was polite, friendly and talkative, and I enjoyed the ride.


Caitlin Maines

a week ago

Everyone was very nice and attentive. Their breakfast was better than other hotels that I've stayed at and the room was huge! It was also very clean and smelled really good in there.


Philip Bechard

3 weeks ago

Pretty sure the entire place is filled with mess ups from airline changes in boarding or layovers (I'm looking at you, American airlines), so you're getting what they paid for. Don't let your rage of airline mess ups fill you with rage for the staff that run this hotel. Instead take into consideration what you're given and let comfort inn wow you with what they offer: and extreme lemon chemical smell smashes your face upon entry, letting you know they place is REALLY REALLY clean guys, like it's so clean that it physically assaults you. The elevator may or may not be in the or out of the process of being possessed and may potentially eat you and your family. The pool only had like 5 visible band-aids. Picked up my phone in my room and there was a background hum that overtook my senses, either it's bugged or possessed by the ghost from the grudge. Jokes aside, the staff is actually super nice and very accomodating. I assume that they may have begun working there after being lost in the airline aethers.


Vanessa Ramos

2 months ago

We weren't there 5 mins before we spotted 2 cockroaches in our room, and found a trap for roaches under the bathroom sink. Wondered why they had their coffee machine on the counter in the bathroom. Maybe it's just me but I would NEVER drink or eat in any bathroom. There were stains on one of the beds and crumbs of food on the floor in different areas. The only thing good I have to say is the lady (Audrey) at the front desk was really nice and patient with us. She gave us a new room (which was cleaner and we did not see any bugs.) She was great. The room was the complete opposite.


Larry Phillips

4 months ago

My partner and I ended up here when a nor'easter closed mid-Atlantic airports. We were fortunate to locate a room. The hotel provides a shuttle if called from the Airport after arriving. We had reservations obtained using the Choice Hotels app from Costa Rica when we learned the second leg of our flight to home was cancelled. The response to the call requesting the shuttle was a bit slow and we stood in the cold for about 25 minutes while we watched other hotels' shuttles come and go. But once we got picked up out experience was very good. Personable driver and check-in staff. Clean hotel with quick check-in and out. The room was well equipped and clean. It was quiet. We left early the next morning but not before having the hot breakfast which offered good variety.