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Embassy Suites by Hilton Charlotte Ayrsley


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Southwest Charlotte

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Greg Roskos

3 weeks ago

I have mixed feelings about this hotel. It's clear that it's a brand new property. It's also in a part of town where there is a lot of brand new growth. They've developed it out as mixed-use properties with restaurants, offices, businesses and condos. There are also a couple of brand new hotels right there as well. Because of that the immediate area around the hotel is extremely crowded. In addition the parking lot for this hotel is incredibly small given the size of this property and there is another hotel that shares the same parking lot. It was next to impossible to find a parking spot. The lobby area is very trendy and modern especially compared to most Embassy Suites. They have a very large bar area for the manager's reception in the evening and a large restaurant where they do breakfast. The customary omelette station is still there which is always a must at Embassy Suites. However I felt that this new layout with the bar and restaurant made the lobby area feel very noisy and crowded. The bedroom is a neat square configuration with a spaces flowing from one to another. It's a neat departure from the long rectangular layout of most bedroom spaces in older Embassy Suites. However when you look around the room at the details of the finishing such as caulking and grouting in the bathroom the work was a little shoddy. Also call me a traditionalist but I enjoy how the bedrooms all look into the interior courtyard in older properties and this Embassy Suites is not laid out like that at all. It makes the rooms feel more confined. All in all I'm not entirely sure I would stay at this Embassy Suites again.


So'Nia Singleton- Major

a month ago

I wish I could have given a negative stars! I would NEVER EVER STAY HERE AGAIN! I WOULDN'T TAKE A FREE ROOM! I paid over $300 for the WORST customer service I have ever had! I didn't have towels in my room and had to go down to the front desk to get them and then was told to call house keeping..after waiting an hour and nothing i had to go back down and got them..then another hour later house keeping showed up. They offered tickets for free drink during the cocktail hour, The bartender was extremely RUDE and RACIST! I have a citrus allergy and ordered a drink. He put a lime on it, when my husband ask him can he please do another because of my allergy..he stuck his finger int he drink took the lime out, poured some of the drink out and then topped it of with club soda and slammed the glass down in front of me and walked away. The female bartender that was also there just looked. I ask her to please remake me a drink and her response was that she didn't want to get involved and called him over. He yelled and said that he fixed the problem so what was the big deal. I explained that with a citrus allergy that him taking it out "with his bare hands" no gloves and topping it off could kill me. He then said so i guess you want me to make the entire drink over. No one else that looked like me...African American was helped or served unless we called and ask several times. Every other guess was greeted and helped. I had to speak with the food & beverage manager who felt that sending cookies and milk to my room for my children was correcting the problem. I requested a refund so that we could check out and go to a different hotel and was refused. We left and went to a Marriott! DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!! Yes i am a Hilton Honors Member! Buy the way after sending in a written complaint to corporate via email, it took a week for a response via email that only said they got it and then another 4 days for a phone call. Still no point or compensation!


Meisha Guthery

a week ago

Nice looking hotel. Rude Racist management!!! Applied for a PT job and was granted an interview via email stating an application was received. Upon my arrival I was asked by the front desk clerk to refill out an application and the manager would be right with me. While waiting for 15 minuets, the food and beverage manager Stacy Walker was completely rude and unprofessional. She walked passed me twice without greeting me nor introducing herself. After 20 minuets, she finally approached me and said I have a meeting in three minutes if you just want to leave that at the front. I drove in ridiculous traffic for 40 minutes to fill out something I already had and wasnt even greeted or interviewed. Complete waste of my time! Not sure if it was because I was black with braids but Id guess this is a racist establishment. Embassy needs to train their management on diversity, respect, and professionalism.


Pete Johannsen

2 months ago

Staff was very nice and the free happy hour and amazing free breakfast were nice additions as well...only thing they could have improved upon was the room! It felt "worn/used". There were marks on the wall where the office chair at the desk had rubbed against it and the bathroom vanity looked a little rough...but the rest of the room was fine.


saharah cutler

3 months ago

What an amazing place to rest up at night. I was impressed from the moment I walked in. The front desk staff was very warm and welcoming. They offer complimentary appetizers and drinks at night. The room is very impressive. It has a contemporary modern feel. The bed is super comfy. The breakfast selection is nothing short of amazing. My family and I will ALWAYS choose this hotel when coming to Charlotte!