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Extended Stay America Charlotte Pineville - Pineville Matthews Rd.


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Erika C

a month ago

The actual room was clean but unfortunately the bathtub was not properly cleaned. I had to call them to come and clean it before I was able to shower. They were quick and housekeeping apologized so it wasn't too bad. Now the actual hotel itself was not useful for me. I needed the business center for something very important and they said they no longer had the business center available. Then I wanted to take my boys to the pool and unfortunately I couldn't because of the inspection not being complete. Not sure what the story was but point is NO POOL! Then the breakfast was just granola bars, oatmeal and packaged muffins, not exactly what I had in mind. But thankfully the room was in good condition and no other surprises.


Aimee Copp

in the last week

Horrible experience!!! Dont stay there!! Thanks to your poor internal communication, lack of training of all of your staff, inconsistent policies, pool closure and heartless, horrendous staff you made our trip horrible. We drove 18 hours to Charlotte in the height of the summer to find that their pool was closed. I specifically asked the 800 reservation rep if they had an outdoor pool open for the season. She assured me yes they had a pool and it was open. Very, very disappointed. When I made my reservation, I requested a 1st floor room because we had dogs with us. When I arrived they told me they had no 1st floor rooms that were pet friendly. They tried to put me on the 3rd floor, far from the elevator. Not at all convenient with pets. After some dialogue, the front desk rep ended up giving me a 1st floor room. Why didnt she just do that in the first place? I traveled to Charlotte because my son has been diagnosed with cancer, I didnt need more stress upon check-in. The final straw was when (after a week stay), we simply tried to extend our stay by one night. My husband and I went to the front desk to inquire if this was possible. The front desk rep told us that we could stay but the price for the extra night would be double what we had been paying. Again, after a long conversation and hassle, they agreed to let us stay at our original room rate. The next morning, we went to the hospital to be with our son who was having his first chemo treatment, when we got back to the hotel at 3 pm, we were locked out of our room. We went to the front desk, to have this incredibly rude Asian lady tell us that it was past check out time and they didnt know we were staying. We explained that we had in fact come to the desk the day prior and made all of the arrangements to stay. Again, after a lot of hassle she found our new reservation! She then went on to say that we had to pay an additional pet deposit of $75 for the one night. We explained that the front desk rep from the day before didnt say anything to us about that charge when we extended our stay. Keep in mind, they are treating us like this and we have already been their guests for 7 days. The heartless, despicable lady wouldnt budge on this and we ended having to check out of the hotel on a moments notice in the middle of a flash flood storm. We were drenched, the dogs were drenched and we had no where to go and we were 18 hours from home. Shame on you Extended Stay America! Thanks to your poor internal communication, lack of training of all of your staff, inconsistent policies, pool closure and heartless, horrendous staff you made our trip horrible.



a month ago

First any rating is always comencerant with the price you pay. It's not the cleanest hotel in the world (cobwebs & crumbs in the corner, dust on shelves). However for a one night the bed was comfortable, the bedding was clean, water was hot, and staff was friendly. The hotel is in a good area off a main road but it's also very quiet in the evening. For the right price and a short stay I would definitely book here again.


Karen Wood

3 weeks ago

June 29th. The pool is still closed. The pool is still unavailable to the guests. I see the pool is still being advertised on the website though I was told it was taken down. They will not allow chairs or loungers to be removed from gated area so we can sit outdoors but said I could provide my own. Very disappointed to walk by the pool daily and see it's ready from every aspect except they can't get approval to open. We stay because if we move to a place with a pool, I will have to pay another hefty pet fee. I checked into this hotel mid-may. I chose this hotel because it did have a swimming pool one of the few in Charlotte area. Unfortunately the pool is not open. Here we are June 10th and they keep giving excuses. It is hot in Charlotte in the summertime. I am here till end of August. I am thinking seriously about moving to a hotel that has an open available swimming area.


Lois Hardy

4 months ago

This place was great. You have your own kitchen with a lot of amenities. Just like home away from home. Good feel and I also loved the fact that the shopping mall was right across the street. Walking distance. Wow loved it.