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Hilton Garden Inn/Homewood Suites Charlotte SouthPark


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Eriks Goodwin

in the last week

Clean and reasonably well run. Front line staff is VERY nice and helpful. Decor is standard Hilton Garden Inn and is devoid of local inspiration. Really needs some Charlotte photography or other NC-relevant art. Patsy and the other ladies who serve breakfast are exceptionally welcoming and attentive. Great way to start off one's day!


Courtney Alex De Blasio

3 weeks ago

Great hotel, friendly and staff and nice pool. Kind of nice to have 2 hotels at once place. Kind of sucks that 2 queen beds are connecting only but w/e it was only one night. Overall would definitely return.



a month ago

Update: its now 9:44 and the power is still out. The hotel is completely dark as the generator has run out and they have not relocated the guests. Our option was to cancel the reservation and go somewhere else, but they told us it would be on by now so we waited. How is it not a liability to have guests in a completely dark hotel with no working fire alarm? Typing this in the dark as it is now 8:27 and the power has been out since 1:30. It was originally an area outage but when the power came back on a fuse or something blew in the hotel and now it is only this and the adjoining hotel. As the day has progressed, the GM is still not here and the staff is doing the best they can with very little knowledge or direction. Ive been told different plans of action by different staff members. To add to the chaos, about 200 lacross kids are running rampant throughout the hotel while their parents hang out and drink by the pool. This is a bad situation made worse and dangerous by the lack of management present. I feel sorry for the employees on duty.


Mandy Thomas

4 months ago

The customer service is AMAZING at this location! The staff at the front desk is upbeat, friendly, greets you with a warm welcome and you often find them singing because they are so joyful! The staff serving breakfast was incredible at 6:30 in the morning! Patsy and Daisy were so kind, willing to serve my team and I in any way and full of sincerity while serving us each morning. Our stay was so enjoyable and no doubt it has to do with the amazing staff! I can't wait to stay at this hotel in the future! Oh yeah- the cookies they put our were warm....WHAT?! Incredible! Thank you Hilton Staff for taking care of the Calvary Omaha team! We so appreciate you! God bless you and your service to your guests!


Christopher Lee

3 months ago

This is a brand new hotel that is filled with awesome space. The building actually is connected to the Homewood suites and a Hilton Garden in together. There is a bore lounge area in the lobby and also food restaurant as well. There is a pool with cabana and chairs on the outside. There is a parking garage with rooftop parking and below parking.To add parking is limited so please advise to get you a spot and hold it. The hotel is located in a convenient area with local restaurants that are surrounded it within walking distance. Rooms are very nice and spacious. Customer service was great checking in and checking out with no problems. If youre looking for a place to stay my advice will be the check this place out not too far from the airport but not too close that you will be inconvenience by the noise level of the airport.