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Cloverleaf Suites Charlotte


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South Charlotte

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Little Miss Mabel Pines

in the last week

Love, love, love this place ! Here on a job for 3 months and could not be happier. The employees are very welcoming and go out of their way to assist you in your every need. The room is clean and spacious. It feels like apartment living with breakfast cooked for you every day! I would recommend Cloverleaf to everyone!! Very clean pool and social hour during the week. I have never stayed at a hotel with social hour that gives you food!! Again, the staff is wonderful!!


Jason Youngblood

a month ago

Rooms are dirty and very old. The photo online of the hotel is not the same hotel at this location. The room was not all in working order. The thermostat was broken and unable to be adjusted. The "fitness center" was barely big enough to fit the single treadmill and single elliptical machine in it. There is not an adjustable air conditioner in the fitness center and it stays very warm in there. Bathrooms are filthy. Kitchen is spacious but gross. Hopefully you don't need quiet during the day while staying here as the grounds crew literally runs their equipment next to your room door and it sounds like they are in the room with you. The only positive experience with my stay is that the employee at the front desk smiled and was courteous upon check-in.


Red Trek

in the last week

They had recently changed their name, and clearly didn't have the basics in order. Online reservation didn't seem to work properly. The room they gave me looked like a drug addict was still living in it (if you can imagine that). Obviously not every room was in this state, but it's surprising that any room could be. The one positive I can give is the quick cancellation of charges before I Uber'd the heck out of there.


M. Hartman

a week ago

As of sometime around April 2018 this hotel relinquished its roll as part of the Marriott brand. Up till that time it was still a great place to stay. As I have not been there since the changeover to Cloverleaf Suites Charlotte, I will have to review again the next time I stay in the Charlotte area. Until then I have high hopes. If you should happen to stay please leave your review on Google Maps so we'll all know about your experience. Thank you.


R. Greg Szrama

a month ago

Great staff and clean facilities. We had a few minor quibbles in the room - WiFi was poor around 8pm til 11pm, we had some ants near the fireplace in our room, and the couch was decidedly uncomfortable. Still, I'd definitely stay here again, mainly because of the wonderful staff and how welcomed my family and I felt!