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Kayleigh Flanagan

2 weeks ago

This was the best hotel experience I ever had. One there was a huge storm and it was a downpour. We parked our car and took a run for it! I had a paper shopping bag filled with clothes and it ripped because of the rain leaving all my belongings scattered on the sidewalk, a valet guy ran to my rescue to help bag up my stuff. Which was so helpful. As soon as we checked in we were greeted with champagne. Who could complain about that! It was a nice touch since I was soaking wet and kinda upset my clothes were saturated. The hotel itself was beautiful, the staff were all extremely friendly, wether at the check in desk or the elevator everyone was very welcoming. For $100 it was easily hands down the best stay Ive ever had. The bathroom was super modern and had perfect lighting to get ready in. I suggest this hotel!!!


Amit S

3 weeks ago

Great place. Polite service. Good bar. Have started here multiple times. The manager (my namesake) is a very considerate and accommodating person... :)


Katie Kinter

2 weeks ago

Hotel is decent. Rooms are kinda dark but the beds were really comfortable. Bathrooms are so small cant close the door while using the toilet. 20$ a day for parking is ridiculous for the price you pay for your room I rather park at a meter and walk across the busy street. Tiles on elevator floor were broke ( random thought). Door attendants didn't really know what they were doing. Would ask if my car was fine to be parked in the front to go up and get luggage. I get a yes but then get told to move to the fire lane (which is illegal I believe) they need direction.


Lauren Anderson

2 months ago

Worst hotel stay ever. My family and I were attending an event, upon check my husbands card was charged twice then staff said both charges were decline which was incorrect. We decided to place the charges on a different card while we called our financial institute to get clarification and come to find out we were charged. We went back to front to rectify the situation (thats where things went left) the front desk clerk who originally checked us in just kept repeating the LIE that we werent charged the first time. We asked to speak to the manager, Devon, who was as useful as a used tampon and repeated the same incorrect information. We were pushed to the side and told to basically figure it out on our own. Thank god for a true manager of customer service(Anthony) came to see if we had been helped and we explained the situation and he took the next 3 hours to help us. Which should have been done by that used tampon Devon. I would not recommend staying at this hotel!


Carole Spearance

in the last week

HORRIBLE JOKE! From check-in to my room to room service, what a joke. During check-in, they make you pay for your entire stay up front, so if you want to pay cash at the end, that is not possible, unless you want to wait 10 days for your money back on your credit card. Then my room, it is falling apart, the carpet is ripped and gross, the light by the bathroom doesn't work, the only water you have is scalding hot in the sink, the toilet paper roll holder is falling out of the wall and to top it off their room service doesn't have what they have on the menu. The only saving grace to this hotel is its fabulous employees, they are super polite, kind and friendly--they are rock stars, the hotel--SUCKS, save yourself some money and stay somewhere else.