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Marie Jackson

2 weeks ago

This is a good company don't get me wrong and they do have some issues with some things, but God is going to make it better, I pray he blesses this place, and to whom all comes through to work for them.


Fawna Wasson

2 months ago

I used a shuttle bus for my wedding and the man driving was very professional! I would recommend using them if you need any type of transportation.


Jessie Cline

10 months ago

I want to give a much appreciated "Thank you to Ed" for taking the time to help us out. We take public transportation because our vehicle was in the shop. And Aaron has a lot of equipment that he uses for work and the ART bus driver wouldn't allow him their bus so he could use the ramp. Well Ed who was driving the Young bus actually took the time to stop and load his equipment on the bus. So "Thank You Ed" you have a true kind heart in these trying times. Thank you Aaron and Jessie.


Sandra Snyder

10 months ago

If you value safety, I would highly advise against using Young Transportation or being on the road near their buses. My car was hit from the rear and side by a Young Transportation bus and I had to follow the bus for over 1.5 miles before it stopped. I sustained a concussion for a month due to the high impact of the bus hitting me. Despite the fact that the bus driver received a ticket from the responding police officer, Young Transportation is still disclaiming liability and its insurance provider will not respond to my phone calls to settle this claim. Extremely unprofessional and unsafe -- avoid at all costs.


Rineeka Brooks

2 years ago

I would have to say the transportation is not that great! Considering one of your drivers of bus 132 on 5-16-19 at 8:20 am, tried to run me off the road this morning. Just because you drive a big bus does not give you the right to cut in front of people and risk peoples lives! Unless you want a major lawsuit I suggest you teach your drivers how to properly maneuver through the busy streets of dc!

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