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Elizabeth Stevers

a month ago

My experience today at the Plant Bar was wonderful!! Not only is the plant selection exceptional, but their staff is beyond helpful. I was helped by an employee named Virginia. Not only was she the sweetest employee there, but she also handled customer concerns with so much patience and grace. Virginia truly made this Plant"House" a Plant"Home". Will be back soon!!


Brandon Horak

2 months ago

Cozy shop with decent plant selection, health of the plants is above average, and friendly service. The highlight of the shop is the reasonably priced terrarium workshop. An hour of time with enough guidance to ensure you aren't going to immediately harm your new plants, and hands off enough that it could be a great solo or date project. If you don't go in expecting the diversity of a nursery of 2+ acres (it's a brick and mortar shop after all) you'll enjoy it. It's worth noting the majority of the negative reviews for this place are from people that have been living in a covid world for the better part of a year and still have issues with basic consideration of others.


Thomas Hixson

a month ago

This place is AMAZING!! However I can not give 5 stars as an honest reviewer.... I clocked my nose on a plant hanger... Bad placement management/vendors/ merchants. Other than that staff was amazing welcoming. Go. There.


Lesley DeSessa

3 months ago

I have been to the Plant Bar three times now. Each of the experiences have been great. It's clean, has beautiful plants everywhere (what more could you ask for), and the staff is so helpful and friendly. I have over a dozen plants and do a lot of propagating. I've brought several plants in to get repotted or to get planted for the first time and the staff plants them for me since I purchase the planters. Oh, did I mention they have the most BEAUTIFUL planters ever? It's dangerous because I live less than 2 miles away! Highly recommend!


CeCe Parker

a month ago

I love them ! I've been telling everyone to go! My birds of paradise looks amazing between my Philly! my boys want to come back to build a terrarium.