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Kelle Pressley

9 months ago

I LOVE that place!!!! EVERYTHING you need to succeed is their for the small business owner. I mean everything!!! Even the professionals there are perfect! They are smiling atcha or minding thier own business. Coffee, bicycling stations podcast rooms, telephone boxes for private calls, coaching/group space, business mixers, business cards parking lot...... Anything you can think of to help the small business owner get ahead is there!!!! Small details galore on top of beautiful workstations!!! And the packages are nicely priced. The parking is the ONLY that I can say sucks about it.


Latrina Reid

7 months ago

I came in for a job fair that day and I fell in love. I absolutely ADORE this place. Please be sure to check out the website for pricing info. But I really love the relaxing yet busy energy that this space has. The decor gives me a "metro/city vibe. My tour guide was AMAZING. SHE WAS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE MANAGERS. She even gave me a little history about the location. I would recommend Advent co-working to anyone that doesn't have pets nor children with them at the present moment. I have children but even my "avid reading" daughter would love it here as well. It's a must see. MEMBERS OR INVITE ONLY. THE SECURITY FEATURES WON'T ALLOW YOU TO ENTER WITHOUT IT.


Lisa Speer

9 months ago

I've been a member for almost 4 years and hands down it's some of the best money I've spent for my business. Great community where we share ideas, collaborate and connect, plus lunch and happy hour gatherings. Great space to work and record my podcast. Great staff to keep things humming. Great ongoing events like F'Up Night, Triple Threat Panel and Tech Talks to learn and grow. I highly recommend joining Advent Coworking.


Markelle Harden

8 months ago

I've been working at Advent for over a year and it's not only a great place to work, it's a community. You can come in and focus on work and keep your head down or you can get involved with the community and get to know other professionals in the CLT area - it's up to you. The best part? FREE YOGA most weekdays during lunch - you can't beat it!


Dan Thyer

a year ago

Great meeting place for trendy topics.