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Carolinas Aviation Museum


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Southwest Charlotte

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Betty Jo Cheek

a week ago

A little hard to find due to airport construction. Very good place to spend an afternoon. Needs more marketing. Miracle on the Hudson plane exhibit was awesome. Kids and adults love the free simulator for landing a plane. Gift shoppe a lil pricey. Places to sit.


Daniel Thomas

3 weeks ago

This place has something for everyone! My daughter loved getting in the cockpits. My only complaint is how hot it was in the hangar. Would've spent a lot more time in there if it was cooler.


Bryce Hosseini

a month ago

There's plenty of great stuff to see here. Highlights include the famous Miracle on the Hudson Airbus A320 and a beautiful Piedmont Airlines Douglas DC-3. Be sure to spend some time exploring the Boeing 727 and McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom II cockpits.


David Barbeau

2 weeks ago

Various civilian and military aircraft are displayed in a hanger, and the showpiece is the US Air passenger plane that sucessfully emergency landed in the Hudson River. There is a wealth of information regarding all the people and events surrounding this water landing in which no lives were lost! The plane had just taken off from NY and flying birds destroyed both engines, causing the immediate unplanned river landing. A Wonderful visit and learning experience!


Michael Carden

a month ago

Everyone here was amazing and nice. For a small hanger, I was amazed how many jets the put in there and how they placed everything. The class was really cool and the gift shop had a lot of nice things to remember your great experience. My son was and still excited about his visit.