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a month ago

Small on the inside. Love the outdoors there. I didn't have to pay much for my family. Year round open. I pefer going in the summer when ever things open


Christy B

2 months ago

We had a birthday party here for my daughter and I'm giving 4 stars because the kids had a blast. However, the party was scheduled from 2-3:30 and part of the party included miniature golf and 2 attractions, in this case 2 go kart rides, because bumper boats were not in service, but the kids were not allowed to do these until I paid at the end of our scheduled time. I had parents picking children up at 3:30 who missed out on go kart rides because it wasn't allowed during our party time. Party time included arcade, pizza, and drinks. In my opinion, the outside rides should have been included too, and not wait until party time was over and I paid. We ended up staying until almost 5pm that day just so my daughter could ride the go karts, which was a long, slow line! Many of the go karts didn't even work or weren't running. So, overall, inside was fun, but paying extra for outside attractions was a waste of money. No one ever even got around to playing miniature golf either.


Anthony Dixon

3 months ago

This place need serious cleaning in the carpet and updated. The birthday party staff suck. It was very unorganized. Never seen a place that wouldn't sell pizza to the public or open area, only for birthday groups. Which they count and wrote down child's name per slice. This is cheap and cheesy and waste of money. And the nerves to be overpriced but they are so outdated.


Spartanking Victor1003

4 weeks ago

Ted I expect big things from you... especially since you are coming from mighty Disney. Iighting is important.


Shawn Foster

5 months ago

This review is one star only because zero stars is not an option. The games were fun but the staff was horrible. To answer a review from above, what we expect from the staff is to be treated like humans. We had a terrible experience. I'll explain. First at the counter, the sign said that children over 36 inches could ride the junior go carts. When we got to the line, the person doing the measuring required 40 inches. So our response was to ask for a refund for the bracelets we purchased for the two littler children with us since they could not ride the carts. The person at the counter then proceeded to accuse us of already receiving a refund and said we were trying to steal from them. Then, we requested evidence that the refund happened, they printed out receipts that showed a refund of the full amount we paid for the day. The manager then continued to be rude and disrespectful and accusatory. She called the police and we had to talk to an officer. We showed him our initial receipt. Showed that it did not have a refund on it. Showed him the receipt they printed with the refund on it and showed that had she refunded our request it would have only been a fraction of the total price. After requesting that they look at the cameras and contact the original person who took our initial money it was discovered that the cashier had made a mistake and refunded our money and have it to the people after us who were requesting a refund for the batting cages. This whole episode was the result of a clerical error. However the manager (Marianna) felt that her first response should be to accuse us of stealing. Obviously the correct thing to do in this situation should have been investigate the matter before making accusations and not treating the customer like a criminal before you have all of your facts. We were extremely insulted by this encounter and will NEVER go back to adventure landing again. This manager should be fired for her complete incompetence and lack of understanding of how to deal with people.