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Fredrick Whaples

a month ago

We went for Charlotte Restaurant Week on January 19th and do not recommend any of the food. We ordered a wedge salad and it came out with bacon bits, yes I said bacon bits! and had none of the traditional elements that make a wedge... a wedge. For our main course we ordered a stark and ribs. The steak was glorified dog food and the ribs were tougher than the sole of my shoes. Dessert was a lava cake and pound cake. Both we sub par but my cake tasted like it came from a local convenient store from the pastry rack. We were extremely disappointed. Should have known there would be an issue when we were one of only 2 couples eating the entire time (prime dinner 6-7:15). Finally, I tried to order a drink and they were out of pineapples juice. How can a bar be out of juice!?!?! I would say Bubble needs to be popped!!!!!


Ran Kong

3 weeks ago

I came here for dinner for restaurant week with some girlfriends. The food was really good and the bartenders served some great cocktails. We all left full and happy and will be back again soon!


Clarisse Davis

3 weeks ago

Great place! Had dinner & stayed for night life. Bartenders were attentive & made amazing drinks! Highly reccommend Bubble!


Graham Brown

in the last week

10 minutes after i left, i realized i forgot to close my tab. Immediately went back and they had just closed. Live about 30 minutes away and they told me througb the locked doors i had to come back tomorrow to get it.


Salim Fayeq

a month ago

Disgusting, shameful place especially with respect to their service. I came here with a friend and went in underaged and as soon as I (left towards the end of the night), I realized I had left something of mine inside. I go back in from the doors I exited and was told I needed to go downstairs as that was the only way to re-enter. At this entrance, the doors were closed and locked, and I had to knock several times to get someones attention. Finally, a man came to the door and I told him that I left something inside I needed to retrieve, and he refused to let me in. Mind you, it was well before 2am (their time of close). Absolutely garbage employee. But, they would allow my friend who I was with back in because she was 21+... even though I paid money to go in (cover fee) she didnt! Next time I went there, I was denied at entry because I had holes (in my jeans). But, there were a slew of patrons, chiefly females, wearing ripped denim who were allowed in the bar... This place is a total joke and a pigsty. Definitely do not give this trashcan your business.