Myers Park

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Darnell Brame

a week ago

Crown jewel of the city! Nice and charming movie theater. The workers were helpful and pleasant to deal with. Prices are still similar to that of the bigger movie theaters. Only two movie showings at a time. Definitely will come back to see a more artsy and Sundance like films.


Kristopher Johnson

2 months ago

A theatre that always gives me a special feeling to be there. Its got character and is a unique experience compared to all of the other larger movie theatres. Plus, they play independent and original movies that you will never find at the big box theatres. It takes courage and integrity to play the game the way they do, and I will always respect that.


Michael Unruh

3 weeks ago

Nice place to watch a film, and they tend to have some of the more artsy or limited-release films that are better than most big budget movies.


Marissa Moore

3 months ago

This is intimate little theatre. It only plays two movies at a time, and while we were there they didn't seem to have any a/c. However the staff were very friendly and the theatre has a student gallery up top where the feature local artist for sale. Overall it's a darling little place to watch a movie.


Shawn Stilphen

3 months ago

I enjoyed this quirky. No frills theatre. The staff was friendly. The theatre is long and narrow which is odd. The seating was comfortable. It was my first time in the Manor. I will be back.