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Michelle Gilsenan

7 months ago

Stopped in this bar after dinner. The name caught my attention on the way to restaurant because one of our favorite movies is A Night At the Roxbury. We were out for my sister and brother in law anniversary so i asked if we could stop in and they agreed. Best decision ever! It had the Roxbury movie playing on the screens. The music was all 80s and after the movie was over they played music videos with the songs. In a room off to the side was an arcade with 80s video games. It was Halloween weekend so people came in dressed which made it more fun. There were other floors so theres plenty of room for people. We went early and the crowds started coming in around 11ish. Definitely recommend for a fun night out if you enjoy the 80s as much as we do.


Kelly Schmidt

a year ago

One of the only clubs Ill go to. Such a great atmosphere. Great music. And the basement reminds me of a frat house in college. Helps me relive my colleges days and Im all for it!


Wesley Edwards

a year ago

Really cool place that will bring back memories. Just go and you won't regret it!


Keith M.

10 months ago

Totally awesome place. Great music and people. Very mixed crowd. Young or older, you will love it. DJ kept the party going all night. The bartenders are gorgeous and friendly. A definite break from hearing all hip-hop and rap music all night long.



8 months ago

DO NOT go here if you are expecting as advertised. Went on a Friday night. No seating. Simply two dance floors and a bar. 18+ crowd. Mainly 18 to young 20s. Save your money. Go somewhere else.DO NOT GO HERE!!