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Amanda Fergusontyer

3 weeks ago

First time at the Roxbury and it was the best time I've had at a club. The music was marvelous and the beverages were solid. It was really packed down steps which astonished me however I wasn't annoyed by it. We arrived at 11:30 and stood by perhaps 5 minutes to get in. We were there until the set shut down. Assuming you know your 80s/90s stuff this is the best spot for you. I likewise adored the way that there was a deck up steps in the event that you required some outside air. Will be returning soon!


Alicia Wilson

4 weeks ago

I would NOT recommend this bar if you are looking for somewhere to go out on a weekend! First, this bar charges a $10 cash cover at the door. This doesn't seem like much but you can get a better environment and better drinks for no cover in South End. Secondly, myself and a friend both had our phones STOLEN at this bar. Pick Pocketing is a huge issue at this bar and if you are going here please be aware of this!!!!!


Shelby Parks

3 months ago

First time at the Roxbury and it was the most fun Ive had at a nightclub. The music was awesome and the drinks were strong. It was super crowded down stairs which surprised me but I wasnt bothered by it. We got there at 11:30 and waited maybe 5 minutes to get in. We were there until the placed closed down. If you know your 80s/90s stuff then this is the place for you. I also loved the fact that there was a patio up stairs if you needed some fresh air. Will definitely be going back soon!


Sandy Li

a month ago

Sketchy place. Roxbury charges everyone a $10 cash cover and the card minimum is $10.00. Two of my friends we went out with got pick-pocketed and lost their phones/wallets...So that's the kind of crowd it brings. The basement feels like a dirty frat house but if that's your style then go all for it. They also are only open Friday and Saturday which makes no sense for an establishment.


Rachel Dearing

a month ago

At both bars, I wasn't served until the men in my party went to order. I watched literally the guys around me, including the people that came to the bar after me, served first. I gave up both times and let the men in our group order drinks since that's apparently the only way you get help. Music is great though, just get a man to order for you to get help at the bar.

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