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a month ago

The drinks aren't going to knock your socks off, but they will fuel the ecstasy of what is the best generational music in all of history. Spend a few minutes here and you will cave to belting out lyrics while 80-90's nostalgia pumps through speakers, tv's, and your veins. Just give in and let it all out.


Dani Sullivan

a month ago

On Saturday (1/13/2018) there were multiple reports of phones being stolen at the Roxbury. The bouncers did not do anything about the situation when 6 of us came forward to report it. My cross-body purse was on me the entire night. My friend and I both had our phones pick pocketed out of our purses. When we first entered the club after paying our cover, a bouncer asked my friend and I (both females) to take our phones out of our purses and show him. My male friend was not asked to take his phone out of his pocket. At the time we didn't think much of it so we both complied but immediately put our phones back in our purses. Later that night our phones were stolen. After I realized my phone was stolen I overheard another group talking about missing phones. It was a group of 7 females and 3 of them were suddenly missing their phones. The staff did nothing about the situation.


Rusty Lockett

in the last week

Fun place that has nostalgic 80's and 90's memorabilia and drinks. Great place to relive the childhood.


Jason Ledbetter

a month ago

Pretty cool place. Loved the arcade. There a lot of people there. It got real warm.


Chris Starn

2 months ago

This club is great for old skool 80's and 90's music!! The ppl there were friendly and very enjoyable to watch dance. Loved the tv's showing all the videos to the songs playing!! Prices are very reasonable for this being a downtown club.