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South End

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Lucky Luckiano

3 months ago

Good venue, good presentation and clean operation. House music frequently . It's heavily geared towards groups tho, which is a pain. If they had some kind of community resource, maybe on social media, for small groups and solo people to link up, would be great.


Ana Norris-Bryan

6 months ago

Going to the music yard has been a one of a kind experience and a different one every time I go! The music is great, the atmosphere is phenomenal, the staff is so personable yet professional, and the crowd that goes there matches the energy x10! I dont have a bad thing to say about the place. I feel at home when Im there. Come back soon please!!


Brian Crigler

in the last week

Great place to see live music, great atmosphere, good drinks, and good food!


Frankie Fashionable

2 months ago

This is by far my favorite venue!!! The staff is extremely nice and energetic from the security, to the servers! And the live music is absolutely amazing!!


Jennifer Watson

a year ago

I really like seeing live music here. The drive in theater is a cool concept, but they packed the cars in to where you couldn't leave if you needed to. Also, the screen is pretty small and hard to see if you're not parked in the front row. Luckily the staff was nice when we told then we couldn't see and they let us sit up front.

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