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Tim Kerigan

2 weeks ago

Great music, great food, EXCELLENT Staff and Manager. Recommend this place when staying downtown Charlotte (Epicentre area).


Roberto Soares

in the last week

Bad service, the waiter was confused about beer prices and cup sizes. Even though the place was almost empty it took a while for her to bring the drinks. I won't be going back.


Dr. J Bow

2 months ago

I was escorted out because, I went to tell the management, that the water that the janitor was using smelled like a sour rag. The reason that the manager had two escorts place hands on me and walk me to a door that I was already headed to, was because the food I order was cold, I mentioned it. It was never brought to my table, I mentioned it. So I in a very unusual fashion left at 0 percent tip. That is what got me thrown out. Do not waste your time here. As someone mention the management has changed.....but for the worst.


Nefertira McGibboney

4 months ago

I have been a Wed night regular at this bar for almost 2 years. Only reason I started going to this bar was for trivia. That has changed since it has been cancelled thanks to new management. However that's not my only complaint. The portion sizes of certain menu items change constantly from one week to the next. Most times the price of food is not worth the portion size. The one time I did have a cocktail much was to be desired. Also last week when I went I waited over an hour to have my order taken and it was not busy. When I finally did get a waitress she literally just walked in to start her shift. Who makes a regular customer wait over an hour to be served especially when it's not busy. Stopped in tonight because I still had a gift card only to listen to several members of the staff talking badly about their clientele. Not that I expect much at this point but this was really disappointing. I hope management reads their reviews and does something because no customers = No business.


Steven Guerrera

3 months ago

Great dive bar in charlotte. The staff is very quick and friendly especially Tom. He's the best bartender in the epicenter. Update: Don't get the tacos... they are bad