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Tia Wall

a month ago

I usually give a good rating when a place has good food however this case is different. I will start with the positive which is the food. The appetizers, entree, and drinks were all great in flavor, price, and portions. The problem with this restaurant was the staff. My waitress not only was slow, but she had an attitude, and her outfit was a little to provocative for a restaurant. This is maybe a place I would suggest take out if they offer it.


Zach McDonald

a month ago

I enjoy this place. The music, the bull, the atmosphere. The bouncers have more of an elitist complex than any bar I've ever been to. My guy friend jokingly goes to dance in front of the DJ and the DJ laughs and suggests he gets down, so he gets down and keeps dancing on the dance floor. A minute later a bouncer (definitely ex-military who I recognize) puts him in a hold and carries him out. Absolutely ridiculous.


Nichole Johnson

a week ago

How could you not like whiskey river?! A lot more laid back environment. Which I thoroughly enjoy because you don't have to worry about a bunch of gangsters crowding up the place and making you feel unsafe. A great spot for a girls night out!! Next time I get A-day off we will definitely be back!!


Shawn Love

a month ago

Found a packed, obviously popular place, while we waited for a flight. Sweet tooth demanded dessert. Peach Crumble. OMG! It was a lukewarm mess! Sliced, cling peaches swimming in juice from a can warmed slightly with a spritz of whipped cream? on one side and a tiny sprinkle of something akin to tasteless crumbs soaking alongside. Eat it with a plastic spoon. For $6. I think not. When I sent it back, my server told me he knew it was horrible and not to bother with the Snickers Pie which he said was equally as bad.


Maura Reilly

3 weeks ago

I wish I could speak to the food and drink quality, but I cannot. I sat at my table for 15 minutes and no one so much as looked at me, let alone waited on me. I was hardcore trying to make eye contact, and I called out twice and no one turned when I said excuse me. When I left, AGAIN, I received NO EYE CONTACT when I walked to the podium and said I had been sitting there for 15. WTH. She didnt even look up. That is not a large establishment. It shouldnt be hard to miss patrons and be so busy you cant turn your head to look at someone. Contrary to the tone of this review, Im actually a fairly pleasant person and was delighted to see this was open and even had live music! Ridiculous that I couldnt get a greeting, much less a water or beer. At RDU.