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Sevor Klu

6 months ago

A lovely park for the family to come and enjoy the day. There are water sprouts shooting around where the kids and adults can wet themselves to cool off the warm weather. The park allow people to play around with their family and the exercise area have nice equipment to get your workout on and get in shape. Great place to relax and enjoy with the family


Erica Burtoff/Kurtz

7 months ago

READ THIS PARK AREA doesnt seem like its patrolled enough there are bums transients everywhere we counted eight and then we left so we didnt stay for about 10 minutesbecause they were walking around talking to ustalking to each othertalking to themselves including washing their hair in the water fountains laying on the benches and under any shade they could findjust needs patrol we did not feel safe at all! Homeless everywhere! Needs government assistance This park could be very nice to have a family experience with modern atmosphere jungle gym waterfall!


Rakesh Nara

10 months ago

Great place with a small walk path, lots of physical fitness equipment. Decent amount of options for kids. Near to train station if you dont want to roam for parking. Great area for family or regular photoshoot.


Oscar Carmona

10 months ago

Every time we come here is a great family time. Kids run around a lot spend the energy being active. You can also take blankets to have a picnic or just relax. There was one time like today we had great music in the background.


Bogdan Dusa

8 months ago

Nothing special. A small park, kids can run around, small walking path around.Not too many options for kids. Unfortunately, there are lots of homeless. Scary feeling! Also, try to avoid using the public restroom located in the park. Don't know the woman's restroom, but the men's restroom is dezastruos! Homeless inside cleaning their clothes at the sink, dirty inside, smells disgusting and empty bottles (alcoholic drinks) on the floor. An interesting thing is the air quality station with a smart flower solar. Unfortunately, even this station is missing the info display with air quality results (information).

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