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bianca henderson

3 weeks ago

I absolutely love this store. It has one of the widest variety of asian goods that I have seen in a long time. The food Is also amazing, their meat and veggie buns are to die for and are pretty big so for 3 bucks you get filled up very quick. The customer service is amazing and the cashier was very kind and helpful. 10/10 I have to restrain myself from eating every meal there. They are also super clean which is a huge plus to me.


kevin N.

a month ago

The most recent experience was not so good at this store! 1 - They changed the restaurant menu price on the register but let the old price on the menu unchanged. 2 - so many items in the supermarket have missing the price label! 3 - The pig's legs have so much hairs didn't clean up by the worker! Compare to their newer store over Plaza has much better management such as most products have price label, neat, and pig's leg hair got take good care of....


Maricris G

3 months ago

Not many Filipino product options or wide selections of grocery items. But they have lots of fresh sea foods and vegetables. It also have a bakery and restaurant. It's a smaller store compared to the one at Independence blvd. but worth a visit if you're in the area. It also seem to be under new management due to current name change. Hopefully, they'll offer more grocery items in the near future.


d j

4 months ago

I'm sorry to report, but I must. The New Asia Market has new owners(I feel this is relevant) they have opened a new store downtown. So this location has become the step child of the family. Since covid I think I have been here maybe 4-5x. Each time I was blaming the bad food and poor selection on covid. Friday I went, , food was HORRIBLE. I even spoke to one of the girls I know who works there, she even said food has gotten bad! So it isn't me. COME ON GET WITH IT BRING BACK THE GOOD FOOD! Start posting the menu on social media. This place used to be packed at lunch everyday, food AMAZING! FIX IT STOP MAKING EXCUSES. I talked to management, they seem to think it's fine, well guess what, IT ISN'T, EVEN YOUR OWN PEOPLE NOTICE


Matthew Creech

a month ago

At this point I'm a regular. Best Chinese market in the greater Charlotte area. The kitchen makes tasty steamed buns, tasty duck, tasty lunch boxes and more. Even if you have no interest in Chinese groceries they have fresh clean seafood for good prices.

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