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Sweets Alexander

4 weeks ago

Nice look and great area. Cheap clothes, hats and etc. Not worth it at all. I shop a lot and I know good quality. She has everything over priced. If your in a rush and need something. Its ok. Some of the items look as if they come from Walmart. Target is much better. I dont buy clothes from either


Nicole Holtby

3 years ago

I purchased a dress from the Cheeky Bean over the Christmas holiday. I made this purchase over the phone (as they do not have many products on their website). I told The Cheeky Bean my measurements and was assured that a size Medium would be the perfect fit. The dress cost me approximately $150 Canadian. I was informed the day after purchase that my postage cost would be a little over $30. I was a little peeved that I found out this cost after I had already purchased the dress. Oh well. The dress arrived, and GUESS WHAT?! It didn't fit. Not even close. When I called to ask what the process would be in exchanging for a different size, I was told I would need to pay the postage fee to return the dress and the fee again to send out another dress. As this would make my total postage cost OVER $90 I asked if they would assist with the fees as this was their mistake in sizing (and as I was a long term customer). NOPE. They are a "small business" that cannot afford to do such thing. Well, as a small business, I would have hoped that they would care more about customer service. Never buying from them again.


Heidi Christina

a year ago

Nice women's clothing and accessories .


Danica DeCrescenzo

3 weeks ago