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Maggie Stout

a week ago

If you are looking for a top notch escape room experience, look no further. Codescape is the best. I have done all of their rooms (some of them twice) and could not have been happier with my experiences. The staff is courteous and friendly. The rooms are totally immersive in terms of set design and their puzzles are challenging yet super fun. Their rooms are great for beginners all the way up to the most seasoned escape room vet. I've done 98 escape rooms in 6 different states and work at The Final Door in Columbia and constantly recommend Codescape to everyone I come in contact with. Thank you guys for being awesome and setting the standard for amazing escape room experiences.


Jacqueline Telljohann-Smothers

2 weeks ago

I've done a handful of escape rooms in the Charlotte area and this is my favorite so far. The rooms are really well done. They are all multiple rooms which is way more fun. The puzzles are my favorite part. They are challenging without being impossible. They are well integrated together and with the theme of the room. Previously I was with a former team at work and we failed to escape from Lost in Space. Then I went with friends and we escaped Shipwrecked pretty easily. This time I went back with my current team and we did not even come close to escaping The Experiment. It's their hardest room, but it was still a lot of fun. We got pretty stuck on one puzzle, but it was also just a really long set of rooms with a lot of puzzles. I would highly recommend checking out this escape room!



3 weeks ago

Our very first escape room, and it was awesome!! You can tell how much effort really goes into the set design because the rooms are very authentic. I love all the little details they put into the puzzles for solving. Will definitely do another one here for sure!


Heather Baker

3 months ago

We love love love this place. We've done almost every room at Codescape and just hope they put more rooms in soon. The production value is high-- it's the Disneyland of escape rooms. The puzzles are all a little different--not just finding key codes for locks. One puzzle involved being able to play chess, one was riding a bike. This is the best escape room we've been to.


William Crowe

a week ago

Challenging, yet doable. Excellent clues, well thought out rooms. I did shipwrecked and I'd definitely come back to do the other rooms.