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Jasmine Sams

a month ago

My review isnt based off of the escape rooms. I arrived here one afternoon randomly(after checking times) Cool. We finally find it, it was a little hard but no big deal. The employee comes out and ask if we have a reservation we told her we didnt but we wanted to book a room. She told us we could only book online and rudely told us we could find their website. So yeah we go back to the car and see a room starts in 30 minutes but the staff was kind of offputting so we drove to escape tactic, Edit for the owners response. Ive gone to every other escape room in Charlotte, and Orlando. none of them have had a problems with walk-ins, or with us waiting for the next room to be available. The room wasnt booked, I could see from your website that none of them had anybody in it, so Im not sure why us arriving to book on site was a problem but your employee didnt tell us how to maneuver your website. She said you have to book online and walked into a back room. Maybe you think your website is super tech savvy, it isnt hard to maneuver. Maybe dont respond to people here in such a condescending way and visit some other escape rooms to better your own business and see what works and what doesnt. The point of my review was to let you know where your employees went wrong and lost you a Customer not to receive a super condescending response from the owner.


Whitney Fero

3 months ago

This is a terrific place. The Alpha Omega room was tough. After debriefing hours later, the girl child and I decided that this is our favorite of all of the rooms we have ever done - and weve done a lot. Our game master, Scott, is also the owner and is careful not to give too much away in hints - which we appreciate. This is my second room here. Im returning with the kids and will be silent while they try to solve the room their sibling solved. I havent read other reviews, but I know this: these folks know the game and escape artists will appreciate the creativity and time spent on producing these rooms.


Denise Benson

2 weeks ago

My book club and I went today and had a blast! The staff was friendly and the experience was a lot of fun. I definityl recommend checking this place out if youre looking for a fun group outing.


Chris McGee

2 months ago

This is a great place. The owner really cares when putting these rooms together. There is a lot of detail to the rooms and they are challenging and fun. Can't wait to see what he cranks out next.


Lara McLaren

3 months ago

Just did the new Club Clue room and it was awesome! It is loosely based on the board game and movie, which I love. Super fun!! Grab 6 to 8 of your closest friends and go play in the Club Clue room. Skot, the owner, is amazing!! Very well done room!!!