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Alex R.

a year ago

Dined in Saturday night. You order by QR CODE via cell phone or at a counter, so it's sort of a fast casual restaurant. The food was fine. The shredded pork was quite good but the chicken was a bit dry and the brisket was okay. We loved all of our sides (Mac n cheese, corn casserole, beans, and squash). Unfortunately, there was a hair in my food that definitely was not mine - then I noticed that half kitchen staff had long hair (mostly men) but nothing covering or pulling their hair back. One had long blonde hair past his shoulders just hanging in his face. Not ideal. Also a but surprised none of the staff had masks on. Even if you don't require guests to wear masks, I think staff still should. This pandemic isn't over yet... The staff was kind but they literally stopped by our table at least 15 times to ask if we had questions or needed anything. It was too much. I wanted to order a beer but was told I had to order separately at the bat, but later noticed another staff member serving drinks to a nearby table. Ultimately, our overall experience here was just...fine. I think management could make some pretty simple, immediate changes to improve the diners experience though.


Cass Is Real

4 months ago

Picked up a delivery here and knew I wanted to try the food. The staff were friendly and the atmosphere was lively. We ordered the pick 2 through UberEats and our order arrived correct. I had the chicken breast and wing with pulled pork, mac and cheese, baked beans, and Texas toast. I did not like the beans... there were a lot of different kinds included with huge chunks of meat. Everything else was delicious.


Edward Needham Jr

7 months ago

The atmosphere was nice and relaxing. The aromas of the meats cooking was such a pleasure. Ordered the smoked margarita. Was rather disappointed. Not a hint of smoke. Tasted like a plain margarita. Burnt tips app-100% spot on loved the pickled onions. 3 meats main- definitely done right Brisket was seasoned perfect and fell apart Pulled pork heart taste and melted like butter Half rack of ribs. Dry rid was delicious Potato salad was great Mac and cheese was delicious OMG the corn casserole was devine ( I need that recipe) Smoked beans were good. The pay through the cell phone was a first for me. Not to difficult. To be honest it makes me rethink the worth of a tip.


Vital Abyss

6 months ago

Food was all right I guess. Ordered a brisket sandwich with fries and drink. Brisket taste was good, but came out kinda chewy and cold. I liked the different BBQ'S available at the table. Fries also could have been cooked for longer as they were pretty mushy. Service was all right. They were prompt to help me get the food ordered and get the food brought to the table at least. Probably should have seen that as a red flag though from my time working in food as it seems the food was made too quickly without the proper care.


Reginald Carpenter

6 months ago

I've been here several times but only felt compelled to review the restaurant after I ate the wings. If you like smoked wings, I definitely recommend them. The pulled pork is good too. The bar has daily specials.

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