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2 weeks ago

Off the beaten path gelato place in Plaza Midwood. The lighting was so dim, we thought it was closed at first, but was glad we took a second look. They have a rotating selection of flavors it seems, and you can try as many as you like. Really liked that a single actually is 2 scoops, so you can mix and match flavors! Settled on the hazelnut + caramel and the dark chocolate with chilis. Each had their own nuanced flavor, the hazelnut being a lighter and sweeter flavor, while the chilis were really popping in the dark chocolate! If you're looking for something a little more sophisticated than an ice cream sandwich in Plaza, come check this place out!


Karla Fischbach

a month ago

Do you like gelato and are open to trying inventive, unique flavors that push the boundaries of the norm? Then Cold Hearted is for you. I adore gelato and this is the best Ive ever had. I came a few weeks ago with my parents and all three of us were blown away. The Good: I love that Chef Elinn moves outside the box and creates delicious combinations of things you would never think to put together. Olive oil and Meyer Lemon in an gelato? Yup, it works! Burnt Honey and Old Bay.crazy but it slaps. We got most of the flavors on the menu and loved that none were very sweet. The thing is, this is not going to be the spot for a lot of people so its important to know that before you go so youre not disappointed. There are some safer flavors like Peach and Chocolate but most are different and they may not be for those who want to go somewhere with flavors they can count on. For me, I feel the food scene in Charlotte isnt the most diverse, so a place like this is right up my alley. But, the staff are friendly and will let you try anything before you buy it! The Meh: none for me! The Bad: nothing! Ultimately, this is a great place if youre feeling adventurous, like unique flavor combinations, and a dessert that isnt overly sweet. Chef Elinn was also so kind to send me home with an off menu sample that was amazing! I have found my new sweet treat spot and I know were going to come back every time my parents are in town!


Shelby Allen

3 months ago

I was extremely excited to try out this place, however left slightly disappointed. The flavors are marketed as unique, chef/farm driven; which makes for some interesting names and tastes. We were able to sample quite a few, and were left saying hmm thats interesting to most of them. We settled on what should be Vanilla Bean, and the other Mint Chocolate Chip. We both felt that the more unique flavors would not be appetizing when we consider going for gelato (such as on a hot summer day). These new flavors are an interesting take on what can be made with gelato, however I don't see them being fan favorites. We were told the top four flavors will be permanent while the other will change with farm product availability. The overall vibe was extremely quiet and dim. UPDATE: After response from owner, I have removed the comment about the small scoops. We were told incorrectly by event staff that those scoops would be the same after opening.


Heather Curatolo

3 months ago

So excited Cold Hearted Gelato opened in my neighborhood. Couldnt wait to try it. They have so many unique flavors. I tried the crme frache and onion and it was delicious, but I didnt think it would go well with a sweet flavor. I had the red miso and hazelnut. It was full of hazelnut flavor and had a salty sweet taste to it. I absolutely loved it. I also had the vanilla, which I know is very vanilla but it was delicious. Full of flavor and amazing texture. Love the piece of waffle cone that came with it. Next time Im definitely going to have my gelato in a waffle bowl. I cant wait to go back and try some of the other awesome flavors.


Carol Jean Sanchez

2 months ago

Most delicious and uniquely flavored gelato I've ever come across! Who knew that gelato could be such a culinary experience! I wouldn't have suspected that I wanted Old Bay seasoning in my gelato until I came here. Each bite made me want another. Fields of France Rooibos was another highlight. The flavors are well thought out and the ingredients are allowed shine. While the flavors might sound off-putting to some, I promise if you open your mind and give it a shot you won't be disappointed.

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