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North Charlotte

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Jason Lanier

9 months ago

My family eats here consistently. Though the shopping center that houses the restaurant is in desperate need of repair, there is much life, energy, and adventure to be experienced within the walls of the structure. Eat some great food. Meet some great people. Explore some great grocery stores. There is also a full menu featuring larger and more decadent dishes. If youre hungry, order a big dish or two from the menu and then enjoy smaller dishes from the dim sum carts. Saturday mornings are busier and the food is hotter and fresher.


Adam N

7 months ago

First time eating here. You may not be able to tell from the picture but the dumplings are big! And the flavor is good. Rumor has it they have soup dumplings sometimes. I'm going to have to go back and try them.


Tina Xing

6 months ago

I have been to a lot of dim sum places in other cities, this one is definitely not the best or I should say not even above average compared to others. There arent many dim sum places in Charlotte, this is pretty much the only one that they serve dim sum in those little food carts. However I dont think the food was very fresh, some of them were not even hot. I like the chicken feet and soup dumplings though. I really hope we will have more dim sum places in Charlotte


Anthony Dalman

8 months ago

Food tastes so great. Only go here when you are hungry or starving since youre gonna eat a lot. Looks sketchy on the outside but all is good inside. Just here for good food


Allen Yeh

a year ago

Warning, this is a hole in the wall that has seen better days. However that doesn't mean the food isn't delicious! We came here for dim sum and we not disappointed! My only problem is that I didn't have enough room in my stomach to try every dish that rolled by in a cart. Everything we had tasted like I remember from my many trips into Flushing, NY growing up.

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