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Jessica Vasquez

2 weeks ago

I try to avoid this place after they changed out the staff. Well I didn't feel like driving far so decided to pull up and I had a very pleasant experience with the drive thru person her name is on receipt Hiwanna not sure if that is her name. It's not often that you get exceptional customer service made a great start of the day.


Darion Ruff

3 weeks ago

Garbage place always out of everything. Don't know how to make anything. Bacon is always under cooked. Drive thru speaker sounds like they are whispering. No wonder they're opening another one a mile down the road.


Quincy Uber Vegan

3 months ago

This company isn't Vegan enough for me. Dunkin, Please work on that! Vegan donuts are a thing becoming more AMAZING and more popular. Also Dunkin, PLEASE STOP PUTTING MILK IN YOUR BOTTLED COLD BREW PRODUCTS!!! Me being a lactose intolerant Vegan, I shouldn't have to check the ingredients on a bottle of black cold brewed coffee to ensure it doesn't contain dairy. I'm so glad I check your label! PLEASE FIX THIS! (Your biggest competitor Starbucks has a dairy-free Cold Brew).


Emma Pimentel

2 months ago

Went here and the girl got upset that we did a mobile order while waiting in the drive thru. There was literally no one in line behind us or in front of us. Then, when we got to the window, she once again stated that we could not do that and to just order normally next time. Whatever, no big deal. I responded "okay" and she handed me my coffee and then slammed the window shut. I was still waiting for a donut and bagel. After a few minutes someone walked up to the window and asked what we were waiting for. I told them the rest of our order and then told them what happened. They told me to have a good day and threw my bag at me, which hit me in the face, with the donut and bagel inside. DO NOT GO HERE!!!


Shari Vargas

6 months ago

I am here for a visit passed but w/ some people in the drive way to order : all of our orders from the coffee to the toasted bagels even the hash browns the entire order was delicious ! Thank you to Sabrina we appreciate you . You made our day with the food order and how delicious it was

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