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3 weeks ago

Had a long day by the time I hit the drive thru on Tuesday, 12-7-21 & had plenty more to do & wanted caffeine. I had a coupon in the app for a free espresso drink. I ordered a large caramel craze & a chicken, bacon, & cheese croissant stuffer. I'd asked for a cheese croissant not realizing they were all together. Initially, I didn't know which drink I was ordering & asked for a minute. I gave my order and waited only to hear the young lady ask me if I was ready to order. I repeated my order. She scanned my qr code & the code for my free drink with no problem. The picture of the croissant stuffer is exactly how it looked while still in the Dunkin parking lot. Don't know what happened to the top of the stuffer.


Corrina Hays

3 months ago

I would give them one star if I didnt have one good experience out of the 5 times I have been here since my recent move to Wesley Heights. The last 3 times I have been there the employees are extremely rude. They ignore the drive thru or are super short with people. their ovens are down or they are out of everything. One guy that works there is very nice but every other time Ive been there ice has a less than pleasant experience.


Marie Lecointe

in the last week

My favorite routine stop on our way to doggy park everyday for my breakfast fuel of peach passion tea, snacking bacon & water for my pup


Carolyn Washington

2 months ago

First timer here. Nice staff but lengthy wait time & nothing in stock. Three cars ahead of me and waited 5 min for someone to ask for my order. I ordered 15min beforehand and they said to drive on up. When I got to the window they didnt have my order ready. Then come to find out they didnt have most of my order in stock and machines were down so I was offered cheaper alternatives as a comp. I declined because that doesnt make sense and asked for a refund. 15min total in line and only got one of the 3 things I ordered. At least the donuts were good. Ive lost a lot of faith in many of the Dunkin Donuts in Charlotte. Best luck so far is driving to the Hylas location. Ive been impressed every time thus far.


Vonnie Doster

4 months ago

Drive thru for coffee. They make great coffee, it a really busy location and the driver thru is really in and awkward position. Good place if you can deal with the cars and traffic.

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