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Mina A

11 months ago

Early morning when everything is fresh! Amazing coffee and donuts of course. Maybe take some to your job everyone will love you. My favorite is the small munchkins. I also love there hash browns and sausage biscuits.


Jessica Vasquez

4 months ago

I try to avoid this place after they changed out the staff. Well I didn't feel like driving far so decided to pull up and I had a very pleasant experience with the drive thru person her name is on receipt Hiwanna not sure if that is her name. It's not often that you get exceptional customer service made a great start of the day.


Doris Ashley

2 years ago

I was very disappointment when I ate from here. The only thing that was good about it was the size of the sandwich, but the actual sandwich had no taste to it all!! The hot chocolate from QT is ten times better. That was definitely my first and last time ordering food from there!


Victoria White

3 months ago

DO NOT RECOMMEND GOING TO THIS DUNKIN' DONUTS! Each and every single time I have tried this Dunkin' donuts, they just can't seem to make the most simple coffees. The lines are long, drive-thru service is slow, and then when you receive your order nine times out of 10 it's completely wrong. Once again wasted $10 ordering two drinks, both signature drinks (vanilla chai and an iced smoke a latte) absolutely disgusting! How can you work here and not know the basic drinks on your menu?! Each and every single time I come through the drive-thru the drink is made differently It's very simple. I've worked at a Dunkin' donuts, it's not hard to follow your training. I wish I could give this store zero stars for the amount of money I've spent here for them to mess up every single order



a month ago

This location consistently misses the mark. I ordered a medium coffee no cream no sugar JUST flavor swirls repeated it several times for them to give me a coffee with 5 creams and 10 sugars. Waste of money.

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