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Kameron Martel

10 months ago

Food and service is absolutely wonderful. Honestly the best fish and chips I've ever had and the layered chocolate cake is absolutely worth the cost. There's something new to try each visit. The atmosphere was so comfortable and I'm already calling this place my favorite restaurant.


Meng Yang

6 months ago

Great experience everytime I've been here. I've been here in the evenings and during lunch and never had a bad experience. Good variety of good. Great service and good selection of drinks. Wait staff was friendly and attentive and we didnt have to wait long for our food.


Michele Miller

a week ago

This used to be my go to place but the last couple of times it hasn't been that great. The time before last they were out of Captain Morgan. If I wasn't so looking forward to my favorite adult beverage I might not have left. No, Sailor Jerry or Bacardi or Meyer's is NOT a good replacement. The last time I was there was Sunday to watch the Bucs game. It was so dark we had to use our cell phone lights just to see the menu. I told our server we were ready to order and she said ok then turned around and went and finished cleaning a table then came back. The place was empty so I don't see why that took presedence. I ordered the grouper and fries. The fries are usually very good but this time they were very greasy. The grouper was some of the most pathetic fish I've ever seen. Maybe I expect too much being from Florida. It was also greasy and the breading was so salty it ruined it.


Jaysin T

3 months ago

I have been here three times over the last few months due to my parents liking this place. Every time it's the same lackluster greeting at the front, and slow service whether its busy or slow. The food quality is inconsistent. The wait staff is usually pretty good but they can only do so much when the kitchen moves at a snails pace. A couple of weeks ago it took a full hour to get the food. Yesterday evening almost 30 minutes and it wasn't even that busy in the place. Not to mention the fish and chips were a joke. Fast food Fish and Chips would have been better. The fish was greasy, the fries were greasy and old. This place is mediocre and overrated.


Kendra Simpkins

4 months ago

Very nice place to celebrate my son's 19th Bday. I had the make your own salad and it was delicious!!!

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