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Dedicated to the art and craft of creating true Neapolitan style pizza, a 900-degree wood-fired oven is used to bake each pie in 90 seconds. Now with two locations, you have two opportunities to get your pizza fix.

Cuisine Type: Pizza

Ambience: Casual Dining

Price: $$

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Logan Drew

10 months ago

I LOVE this spot. Custom built pizza in a true Italian style. Their patio has a good ambiance. Most importantly, their pizza is AMAZING!! We love the margarita pizza with prosciutto added. I try to save 5 star reviews for truly the best spots, and this one earns 5 stars easily. If you havent yet, try this place. You will not be disappointed!


alex b

2 months ago

First and foremost-we are neighbors and have supported the restaurant since before they opened the Dilworth location-we love it and think the food is great. The reason i am writing this is as follows: Our neighbor gave us a $75 gift card for Christmas and today i wanted to use a portion of it when i came to place a sub $50 order to go. Apparently the restaurant has changed the payment vendors and somehow my gift card was shown as inactive. As a gesture of good faith, the manager on duty offered to comp my sub $50 order and forget everything about the gift card. I refused the offer because my neighbor gave me a gift for which he paid $75. I gave the neighbor's name and they said it's not possible to look up the transactions from December. Their suggestion was to go to my neighbor and ask him for the proof he purchased a gift card. I find this absurd and embarrassing. Also clearly this means you don't trust me. From my perspective there were two options you had: 1. Comp my order and offer me a gift card for the difference between $75 and the cost of my order 2. Accept my credit card as payment, take my contact information and go figure out a way to look up the transactions for gift card sales from December, match it with my neighbor's name, call me back, apologize for the inconvenience, and give me a new card for at least $75 I am disappointed.


Casey Patterson

3 months ago

The food was great. I was not expecting the pizza to taste amazing. It did. I got the pizza with garlic and mushrooms. My wife loved her food too. Thank you


Justin Bremer

6 months ago

This place was packed but now I know why. We got two pies to go to share with friends over a game if cards. This pizza is amazing. We eliminated them quickly. I'll definitely return.


Nicole Saad

8 months ago

I love pizza. I could eat pizza every day. I also enjoy making Neapolitan pizza at my house. It is SO hard to get any REAL Neapolitan pizza around here, but Inizio NAILED IT. The Pomodoro sauce is authentic, and the crust is chewy. The ingredients are top-notch. Not the cheapest pizza you can get, but who wants cheap pizza when you can eat the best pizza.

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