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Katy Gambella

a month ago

Excellent food and great service! We also ordered catering from them for an event and everything was fabulous. We absolutely will be visiting them in person and using their catering services again. Thank you!!


Steve Lee (Dragonfly)

2 months ago

A smaller dining space than I expected. But the coffee good and smooth. Everything looked and tasted great. Oh, unexpected surprise. When order an OJ, you get a tall glass of it.


Matthew Murphy

in the last week

My experience here was pretty bad The main issue was how the staff handled an issue with the food. Long story short, they initially messed up something with the food, and there were a lot of little mismanagements of how to fix the issue, including re-serving me the same food that had had the issue in the first place (powered sugar on eggs). By the time one piece was resolved, other parts of the meal had cooled off. A single mistake can happen, and I wish they would have respected me enough as a customer to fix it in the first place rather than trying to deceive me and taking a piecemeal approach The issues never really got resolved by the time I left, and by the end of it I was upset enough I couldnt eat the remainder of the meal. My hands were physically shaking at the table from how upset I was and the stress of bringing up the issue to the manager The manager apologized and reduced the bill, and I left tip for the server The upside is that the manager apologized, and the server tried to help. I did get to eat the French toast while I waited and it was good Im here on vacation, and this set off a really bad start to the rest of the day. I shouldnt have such a bad experience that Im sitting in my car with my hands shaking, trying to get calmed down enough to be able to drive Based on how I was treated, I am not likely to come back


Amy Yasin

3 months ago

Best breakfast in Charlotte, from eggs to pancakes, theres not one thing at this place you wont like it, food always delicious and cooked right


Dennis Harden

2 months ago

Thoroughly enjoyed my visit here, delicious cappuccino and crepes were amazing. I'll be back and bringing friends

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