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Robert Hunter

2 months ago

This was the first bahn mi sandwich I ever had years ago and it still reigns supreme. The customer service is always spot on and even when crowded the service is quick and speedy. I went with #1 and #4. I destroyed the #4 (pork and pork skin) as soon as I got to the car. The #1 was on deck for later. The inside of this mall is not the best but the sandwich is always stellar. The bread is always fresh and the toppings are always plentiful. I feel sorry for people who go to Subway when they could have this. Although I did not get this time the Vietnamese coffee here is great as well.


Charles Du

3 months ago

If you haven't tried this place. You haven't yet lived. Sandwiches are amazing, don't let the setting and surroundings fool you


Shanna Xia

7 months ago

We got the #1 Let sandwich, #5 cured pork sandwich, and #7 combination The sandwiches were good. The price was also reasonable for the size ranging from $4.50 to $5.50. Word of caution: we didn't realize there were jalapeno in the sandwich, which was an unexpected surprise. The baguette taste like the ones you would get from Jimmy john so chewy. I didn't like the pineapple boba; it was powdery sweet no hint of tart. The cashier all wore mask. It was good overall.


Stella4 H

4 months ago

Nice site for quality Vietnamese food. Entered near ten, it was not crowded. Food is similar to a cafe in Indianapolis I loved.


David Duncan

5 months ago

This only a review about the restaurant, not the food. I didn't get to eat there. The old Tryon mall is a rough looking place. Parking lot is terrible. Entrance is misleading. But once inside there is a little language barrier. Two women in the back didn't converse well in english. But ordered, to find out it's cash only. And nowhere is sight to get cash from an ATM. Cancelled the order. But the food looked good and was somewhat clean inside. The need an ATM or take credit cards.