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John Paul Genaro

2 months ago

As a fellow restaurant owner on Lake Norman I have to say It really is a great place to eat and enjoy some great scenery. They were very accommodating as I really wanted to eat from the 4:00 menu and it was 3:45. I would have understood completely if they had rejected my request. Ofcourse as a restaurant owner I knew better than to request something like that but I don't get out very much and I knew what I wanted to eat there. Either way all of our food was excellent waitstaff was amazing and very appealing to the eye. I will definitely be back.


Crys B.

2 weeks ago

The atmosphere is so DOPE!! I've only been once, so I am basing my rating mostly off of ambiance right now. The dish I ordered was pretty good. I'll definitely be going back. So nice!


Jim DeRogatis

2 months ago

Great place to eat and drink. Update: Regarding the other negative reviews that have been written about this restaurant, my feeling is that they were either owners or family members of owners of other restaurants because we have eaten at Port City at least ten times this summer and have NEVER been disappointed or have had to send anything back. The staff are very accommodating, intelligent, friendly and professional. The food is wonderful. UPDATE April 27, 2018. Had the Bison Burger last night. Outstanding! Wife had pan seared Halibut. Also outstanding. Our friends had "the meatball". 8 ounces of veal, pork and beef braised in their delicious tomato sauce. You have to try this.


Paloma Segedy

3 weeks ago

The food here is delicious without a doubt. However, they are understaffed and the staff isnt friendly. They have a bad automated system that does not allow you to select any number options without saying invalid option. After calling them 5 times, I drove to the location and asked for an appetizer to go. They replied that they were too busy. I was prepared to wait, I am a reasonable person who knows that I am obviously not going to get my food right away on a Saturday night, yet they were rude and turned me away. I called and talked to the manager about this and he showed the same disregard. Last time I went to eat dinner there, the hostess was not friendly at all and she showed some attitude when I asked her about seating. Overall, the food is great but unfortunately they are losing customers with their poor service.


Risa B

a month ago

The food is very delicious but very rich. Lovely atmosphere and view of Lake Norman. They host monthly events for young professionals to network, which I appreciate. Staff are always friendly. I just recommend asking for less butter and sometimes the crab cakes are a little undercooked so I ask them to cook them a bit longer.