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Neeraj Chandra

a week ago

Everything here is awesome. The food is really good expecially their daily specials. Great friendly employees. Great selection of food items and beer and wine.


J Smith

2 weeks ago

This is very cool place. Great variety of beer, wine, and sodas. The staff was very friendly. I got the club sandwich, Added avocado, and proceeded to experience magical mouth syndrome.


Cumhur Yuce

3 weeks ago

I really enjoyed my time hanging out here. Good beer selection and food if you desire. Highly recommended.


Rachel Wrede Meier

2 months ago

We're here most weekends for a breakfast burrito, and that's definitely my favorite item (cold sandwiches are as good as cold sandwiches can be, but always go hot if you can). We periodically grab drinks here before heading out and will occasionally stop in for a pizza from Pasta & Provisions or some other specialty item. Highly recommend for a easy spot to hang out with friends on the patio or grab a good breakfast on a Sunday :)


Ju Mial

2 months ago

I enjoy their food and I live pretty close so it's great for a quick meal when cooking is not an option. My only complaint is that the cashier that served me on several occasions feels entitled to a tip.... one time he asked that I tip. and the the last time was about a week ago, he didn't ask for a tip, but he made it obvious that he was not pleased that I didn't by not giving me a bag to put my food in. He simply said, "Your sandwich will be (whatever number was on my ticket)."with an attitude and that's it. I'm sorry, I do tip when a tip is deserved. The dude is not a waiter. He's a freak'n cashier. All he did was ring up my order. He didn't wait on me. He didn't even take my order or anything. I think that it's rude and Honestly, I feel too uncomfortable to eat there anymore. There are plenty of other great eats in the Charlotte area and I don't have to put up with that attitude.