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Marissa Wharton

9 months ago

Really enjoyed this bakery! I'm always on the hunt for "the best" almond croissant when I travel and while this one wasn't "it", it was a really solid pastry. I also got a gluten free carrot muffin and really enjoyed that. The rest of the group got breakfast sandwiches and coffee, plus a cinnamon roll - all of which they were really pleased with! It was busy when we went and it's a small interior space, so if you want a table for more than 2-3 people you'll want to go early. There's also a good space for outdoor seating!


TuxedoKat Imaginarium

2 months ago

We love Sunflower Baking! We frequent the spot in Harrisburg and wanted to check out this location! Inside seating is small but so cute. Plenty of outdoor seating for families with pups. The food is always delightful and the employees were working so hard to get to everyone (this place is def busy - may I suggest ordering ahead) taken care of! We would recommend to coffee drinkers and baker fans alike! Bathrooms here are disgusting tho super gross and it took 30 minutes for one sandwich.


Matt Quinn

4 months ago

We really liked Sunflour. The staff was attentive. Its a small shop and they do not serve bagels (Incase you were wondering like we were) but the coffee and pastries are awesome! We will definitely be back.



3 weeks ago

The food and the manager saved this review. I had ordered two biscuits and two muffins pickup. When I arrived, one of the associates was having trouble finding my order because it had been taken/given to someone else.after the associate realized it was missing, instead of offering a refund or some kind of reparation, she asked if I wanted to take someone elses orderwhich was crazy to me. Of course I said no and asked for my food to be remade. I waited 15 minutes, hoping that when my order finally came out it would be accompanied with a remedy. No such balm came so I had to ask for a refund. The manager kindly issued a refund without hesitation, thankfully. This is my second time eating sunflower and the magic of the first experience was lost this time around. The food just isnt as good as I remember, but its still one of the best biscuits Ive had in the city. I would order againps: the menu says roasted tomatoes but my biscuit came with one lone tomato slice and Im pretty sure Im missing my pesto saucelol I just wish things went smoother.


Nicole Saad

6 months ago

Sunflour is a low-key quirky spot, perfect for a casual breakfast or brunch. Outdoor seating is available. The prices are very reasonable (something that's very surprising nowadays).

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