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William Lari

a month ago

The Melting Pot in general is a pretty unique experience, you do cook your own food but being able to talk and get personal with your company while waiting for your food to cook or the cheese fondue to heat up is what makes it better than most places. Not very noisy either and the service is always fantastic. I prefer the 4 course dinner because dessert is always amazing, they did change out the cheesecake pieces for Blondie's it appears unless cheesecake is a special request now. The cheese fondue is always my favorite part of the course meals. Is also great to come in just for cheese and dessert.


Meticulous Mollie

a week ago

Always enjoy my meal there. However they Have messed with the ingredients in some items and they don't have the same taste. Love the mushrooms but the batter has been deleted so did not care much for my mushrooms. I do prefer the multi colored dipping chips compared to just corn chips.


Jonny Consumer

a week ago

Food was good as always. Service was a bit slow and it's starting to get really expensive. It's been a few (3) years since we went but prices are up and all portions were down. $33 per head, we shouldn't run out of cheese at 2/3 of the bread tray. Otherwise, still the same good food and a great atmosphere for sure!


Jeremy Post

2 months ago

I was really disappointed. I understood it being fondue that I would cook my own food. What I didn't expect was that I would feel like I was picking the entire time instead of eating a meal. I felt like the price was really high considering I had to cook the food myself and I didn't feel like the portions were all that big for the money. I would much rather go just about anywhere else for the price. The place was very clean though and our service was fantastic otherwise. The food itself was pretty good all things considered. Maybe it was just personal preference on the whole experience. It was fun to do once as a date night.


Shirin Modaresi

a month ago

Fun, slow food with great service (thanks for a great evening, Brandon)! Lots of vegetarian options. Not a ton of vegan options but very willing to accommodate vegans in numerous ways. Best dinner I've had in a while but come HUNGRY!