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Hannah Smith

a month ago

Super helpful staff! Awesome choices. Well labeled store. Educated people working the floor to aid in your selection. Shout out to Caitlin for helping me selected some wines for my blind wine taste test tonight with friends! She was super patient and had suggestion that fit my requests right off the top of her head. HUGE shout out to Charlie for being so kind and personable at check out despite a crazy rude selfish customer behind me. Charlie was thorough explaining the members program to myself as a newbie and observant of my purchases. This level of service is so great to see! Thank you:)


Ayinde Best

a month ago

Up until tonight I had been a loyal customer to this Total Wine location (close to areas of town I tend to be on, vast selection of beers and wines, etc). Before even having a chance to unbutton the top button on my jacket an employee harassed my partner and myself, demanding that we show ID while making snide remarks about how young we looked. Now, I know that we are blessed with youthful characteristics like nice skin and subtle features, and I also know this chain is very serious about preventing any possibility of underage drinking (I once saw a woman who was at least 45 years old get told at the point of purchase that she wouldn't be served unless she went to grab her ID from her car); both of the points are valid and understood by me. What I don't understand is why I couldn't have been asked once I was actually *purchasing* something (like literally every other time I've shopped here) rather than practically the moment I crossed the threshold of the doorway. The guy hadn't even said hello to us before requesting that we show ID! If you are a youthful 20-something avoid this location (University has a much more relaxed atmosphere overall anyway) or just go to a grocery store like Harris Teeter for your craft beer. Nice job losing a customer who loved your store, Total Wine - Woodlawn.


Emily Currie

2 weeks ago

Great selection of craft beers! They usually stock beers that are hard to find elsewhere. Especially seasonals. Sign up for their rewards programs and they have regular coupons that will save you money on beer and wine purchases. You can also purchase kegs through the store.


90% Vegan - Quincy Gaines

2 months ago

I worked there for one day via People Ready Temp agency both at this location and their sister store in Ballantyne on two separate occasions for the Thanksgiving weekend. I enjoyed working with them. Everyone was wonderful and very helpful towards customers and new employees who needed to find what they needed. At the Ballantyne store we were super busy the day before Thanksgiving pushing to achieve a $130k goal. Even though people were pouring in and out of the store, that team was still absolutely amazing bending over backwards to serve their customers. They are so AWESOME!


Tavares Johnson

3 weeks ago

Top beer selection in town at the Park rd, University and Huntersbille locations. Staff is very helpful and this place has a great business feel. Employees seem happy to work here as it shows in their willingness to help customers. Prices are legit. If there was anything if lume morw of is to have a draft system to gill growlers. Some stores have them but this isnt their focus which is totally understandale!