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Liberate Your Palate Hands-On Cocktail Class

Liberate Your Palate Hands-On Cocktail Class


In our July class series we will explore cocktails that are light and bright, and use summer's seasonal ingredients. In each of these cocktail classes you will learn how to craft and make three summer cocktails perfect for entertaining. Learn how to mix spirits in Tiki cocktails,  Mexico's Mezcals and tasty bourbon cocktails.  We will Shake, Stir, Sip and Socialize around the globe one refreshing cocktail at a time. The beauty of these cocktails is in their versatility.  Learn how to make small adjustments to  your base spirit to create delicious and different flavor profiles to classic cocktails. We will rotate between using, vodka, rum, bourbon and tequila. This class will be offered twice in the month of July. 


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