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Nathan Spang

8 months ago

Drove a total of 6 hours from Charleston to get tattooed by Mickey Putts at Charlotte tattoo co and it was totally worth it. Mickey is an incredible artist and just an all around good dude. Hes friendly, will work with you on your design every step of the way, offer suggestions and solutions to get you the best tattoo possible. Hes also very fast and not heavy handed. Mickey was able to give me what would normally be a 5 hour tattoo by anyone else in just 3 hours. Pain was minimal and reflects his knowledge and abilities as a top tier tattooer. I will absolutely be going to him to get my other shin done and cant wait. Thanks again Mickey for the great tattoo and positive experience


Olivia Tatti

4 months ago

I recommend Billy Harris 1000/10!!! He is so nice, very clean, and does beautiful work. I cant wait to get more tattoos by him!!!


Chelsea Lawson

a year ago

I have had 4 tattoos from the owner, Billy. Hes a great artist with fine detail. I love his shading work! They book out fast and far, so plan ahead!


g gg

5 months ago

came for a consultation w cam and was brushed off in about 3 minutes tops. I had several questions as I wanted to understand the design process and was excited to talk but he just left in the middle of the conversation and said to book an appointment for the tattoo. no information given going into the consult and got none leaving. he did not care to introduce himself, get to know our names, our experience with tattoos, if we had any questions, how to contact regarding the design; basic welcoming things anywhere especially with something as intimate and intimidating as a tattoo for many. the environment did not feel comforting to me especially as someone who was nervous yet excited about getting the tattoo and booking something. he also did not seem particularly interested from the second we spoke. with something this expensive and permanent, comfortability and familiarity are important going in so I have decided to not look at this shop anymore.


_aj orgpxpc

3 months ago

had a tattoo done by Anna, and she was nothing short of amazing. very friendly and very professional. if and when i decide to get another tat done, i will definitely come back here.

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