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2 months ago

I started taking a few classes here and there back in 2017 , eventually went on some expeditions, and also participated in the offered internship program. This is a great and thoughtful arrangement of classes for those wanting to further their knowledge of their hobby or consider their own career in photography. Even though I never took individual training, Brian and the team at The Photo Classroom were always there to help me with any questions I had. They all thoroughly enjoy photography and helping/teaching others. More than fair pricing and once you take the class, you can repeat it. You will meet many people varying in their level of photography knowledge/experience and I've always been able to relate to at least one person in the classes or trips. This is a professional, friendly, good community of photographers. Brian was also very flexible with me. Whenever something came up and I had to cancel the class, he would keep that credit for me to be able to use for another class. And you as the student, need to keep up with your own classes of course. Brian is also very personable and he is mindful of your own understanding. I would suggest The Photo Classroom to anyone looking to dabble into photography or to advance their knowledge of the field. Expeditions are really fun and well-planned out. I appreciate all the thought and effort that is put into making this a great learning environment and community for photographers of any level. Thank you Photo Classroom!


Barb Ryan

a year ago

The Photo Classroom sets you up to have a great experience with Photography. It doesnt mean you wont have to work at it, but you are given all the tools necessary to take your camera off of Auto mode to using the more creative modes of Aperture, Program, Shutter and Manual. I have a 4 binder filled with all the class printouts provided by Brian Osborne with the Photo Classroom. Each class has its own handout describing in depth each skill. The beauty of these handouts is my ability to go back and re-read them. Another perk given, is something called the Killer Checklist. This is an abbreviated list of settings for the varying types of shots you may encounter. Again, these are just tools to help you achieve beautiful photos; as the photographer, one must still make the applications, but at least you have some guided starting points. In addition to the classes, there is also the ability to go with the instructor on various Expeditions, affording you access to in the moment instruction. Finally, during this pandemic, we now also have the option of virtual classes as well as access to photo instruction and challenges via Today's Photo Minute. I highly recommend the Photo Classroom as a way of complementing your journey in Photography. Barb Ryan


Sally Phillips

7 months ago

Ive been taking classes with The Photo Classroom since 2011, part of that time traveling from Raleigh. There is nothing like this anywhere. Brian and all the instructors are eager to help you be a better photographer. Every class is excellent. The lessons are broken down into concepts that make sense. Your questions are always answered. And did I mention the Expeditions? on those too. Try out what you learned with instructors to help you. Worth every penny!


John Goodwin

a year ago

The photo classroom is one of the best places where you can, learn all about your camera including cell phone cameras, how to frame and take incredible pictures and then edit and show to friends and family. If photography is your hobby, business or you just want to operate your new camera more effectively, you will love these classes and expeditions


Melissa Brown

2 years ago

I have been taking pictures since my early teens when I got my first Nikon. I have read books and knew the basic concepts of ISO, FStop, speed. I could take some decent pictures, but I wasn't able to get to that next level with perfect focus in a variety of lighting settings or get the whole object in focus on closeups. This class taught me how to take that basic understanding to a new level. I was able to go home and take pictures in my back yard that I could not have taken before the knowledge I gained from this class.

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