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The Speedpark at Concord Mills





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Jill Michener

in the last week

Awesome place to have a kids birthday party. The staff was super friendly and very helpful! Every guest had an Awesome time and the birthday boy said it was his favorite birthday party ever! Thank you!


Tanya Hunt

a month ago

We had a birthday party of our son there and everyone had a great time! They served free refills on the drinks and were great to offer putting our cake in the fridge so it didn't melt. The kids loved the go karts, mini golf and the spider climb. We will definitely be going back!


Samantha Rieger

2 months ago

Really great experience. We purchased an all day pass (ask for military discount) and road go karts and other activities for about four hours right when they opened. It was less crowded. It got more crowded after lunch time. The only thing Im upset over is this small child who should not have been allowed to drive couldnt use the brakes and rammed into the back of my cart when we were parked going full speed. I got a concussion and had to sit out. The guy running that track told her she got a warning. I followed my family around for a while and watched them ride some more. Same kid did the exact same thing to another person and got another warning. Watched her and her dad laugh about it. There should be a better system to keep up with people who cant follow the rules and are jerks who need to be kicked out.


Jason Conley

a month ago

Fun and friendly. Kids had a blast. Not to expensive. Try to go on a cooler day.


Sridher Manivel

in the last week

no safety...people are speeding at 10,15 miles per speed near Stop.... this is based on bad experience about 5 years ago...broken leg and jaw... employees didn't care at all... not sure how it is now