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D Greene

a week ago

When u want to go Fast!!!!! come here!!! you wont regret it!!!! Fun for my entire family I had a fantastic experience. Special thank you to Spencer, Auria, and Carmen thank you all for the greatest customer service I ever had I will definitely see you all again.


Chris Parker

9 months ago

What an incredible deal for the family! The regular price is far better than most of the indoor tracks in the area. While it doesn't have a "white glove" atmosphere like the indoor cart tracks, neither does real racing! No computerized race times and tracking, just good old fun carting. Several tracks available for different age groups and if you get their UNLIMITED pass, it is as many races as you can handle. Lines were short when we visited so the kids got at least a dozen races each... cannot beat that deal. Plus there's a climbing tower, mini golf, a slide, and bungee for the younger kids. We had a blast. The staff was friendly and helped find the best deal for our group. The courses were challenging and all of the carts were in good shape. We all had such a good time that I intend to look into doing a party here and will let you know how it works out. We will be back.


Bill Fisher

2 weeks ago

Let me tell you I have ridden go karts all over and the Super Speedway Karts are lightening fast. The manager Spencer is super friendly and gets everyone through very fast. He is also super safety conscious and lets everyone know the rules. I will definitely be back and recommend this track, with this great layout and lightning fast carts and friendly staff to everyone.


Mallory Harrington

2 weeks ago

Went for the first time with my husband and our three kids! My kids left happy after spending several hours there thats why I gave this place a 4. Ive read many reviews about this place and about the staff. The place in general was fun and the staff cleaned things like they should. The ones running the go-karts were great. My only issue was the employees running the trampolines, and spider climb and fun slide.These guys sat on their phones the WHOLE time. You had parents calling out to them to bounce their kids one parent yelled at a employee to just unstrap their kid and bring them out. One teenage girl came on with her little sister and two of the boys working the trampoline was paying the little girl no mind the teenage girl even asked them to stop watching her and watch the little kids. The fun slide well I felt like I was working the slide. The man not a boy was just sitting there didnt say a word to us I asked if the slide was open. He just nodded his head. And got on his phone. And the boy on the spider climb was literally GLUED to his phone. At one point it looked liked a manager did come over and say something to him because a 3 year old managed to climb all the way to the top of that thing and he didnt care. I know phones are important and I am not a stickler about phones at all. I have mine all the time but when Im at work Im at work. There definitely needs to be more of a policy at that place before a child gets hurt because a employee was on a phone. I mean they literally sat around head down on them things. It was so crazy to watch.


Jacy Martin

7 months ago

A great place to take your kids!!!! All the staff were amazing. Special shout out to Jay working the little kids gocarts!!! He was amazing, helped all the little kids, one kid was to short and wanted to go so he held the gas down for him for a good 8 laps! Everyone was great, great price, and great location! We will come back!

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